December News

Miss Sullivan - December 4, 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… trees in every room!

Christmas music fill the air and there is a general air of anticipation! What a fun time of the year. Of course, my tree is Husker Red!

Math classes are so much fun thanks to various projects. In my homeroom, we are making serious progress with our Lego Mindstorm Robots. First, we learned to make the robot move… not as easy as it sounds when you have to learn the programming, too! The task was to make the robot drive straight forward from the start line to a blue line eight feet away… then back up to the starting line.

Next, students were challenged to go from the same starting line past the blue line, make a right turn, then go out of the classroom door. They had to make the robot stop in front of the door.

Our current task is an obstacle course. Students program the robot to go around selected objects and stop at a specific spot. This requires several turns, measuring distances, calculating the number of rotations required to go the specific distance, and lots of patience, trial and error, and teamwork! I’m so proud of how well they are doing. The robots are very challenging for fourth grade!

In Mrs. McPherson’s homeroom, our week has been filled with preparation for our School Store Project. Interviews are complete and teams selected for all of our daily shifts. We still have an advertising team to hire along with finance and inventory staff. Students are learning that adding up items to sell and making correct change is a bit more challenging than they realized. We will start selling to our own class next week. None of the items is over 35₵. Most are 25₵ or less. I’m so proud of how serious the kids are being about the interviews. They really are putting the best of themselves forward. I had a HUGE challenge in trying to hire my management staff!! True leaders!!

In math, we are multiplying like crazy. This week, we started the standard algorithm… which is how I learned to multiply! They are practicing all of the following types of problems… but we are still a bit away from mastering them so be patient.

78 X 3

643 X 5

3,629 X 7

45 X 82

In Science, our focus is on Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition and how these forces shape our land.

Dates to remember:

Dec 16 – AES Spelling Bee

Dec 17 – 4th Grade Music Program 6:00

Dec 18 – Class Parties 8:30-9:30; Early Dismissal 11:45

Jan 4, 2016 – Back to School

Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

Miss Sullivan

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