Jazzy Jumanos

By: Savannah.M, Paarth.D, Hanna.V, Ashir.S


You have entered southwestern Texas where the Jumano tribe lived . In this article you will learn about the awesome tribe the JUMANOS. Sit back and let your brain expand!

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Appearance By: Hanna

The jumano men cut their hair to the middle of their head, but then they painted it red to look like a cap. Afterword they put feathers in there hair. Women, and older men wore deer skin clothes made to be very soft.

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Shelter By: Ashir

The Jumano pueblos were made of adobe or stone.The Jumano lived in southwestern Texas near the Rio Grande, around the lower conchos, in the Big Bend

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Adobe and stone house

This is an ancient house made of adobe and stone

Food By : Savannah

The Jumano people were mainly farmers. Sometimes they had to hunt animals such as elk, buffalo, and even armadillo. Jumano women had to cook their family meals by stone boiling. This is when you put hot stones into water until the water starts to boil.

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Customs,Traditions,Ceremonies By:Paarth the Awesome

At Jumano ceremonies they made music by clapping hands, singing, and dancing . At harvest time tribes and bands get together The Jumano did not come out to great anyone.They sat with their heads down against the wall . This was the way to great people.The Jumano traded items,they traded Wampum the most.Th Jumano spoke Uto,Aztecun, Anoan, and Spanish.Later decades the Jumanos joined Apache Hunters.