By Isabel M. and Esther

Factual Information You Should Know before coming to Neptune

  • Neptune is 2,798,000,000 miles away from the sun and it's distance from the Earth is about 2796170365.068 miles.
  • The thick atmosphere of Neptune is made from 74% hydrogen, 25% helium, and about 1% methane. Neptune has icy clouds, and big storms. There are also heavy winds that blow around the planet. The methane around the outside of the planet give Neptune it's rich, blue color.
  • The average temperature of Neptune is -370 degrees.Winds on Neptune travel at around 2,100 km/hour. Neptune has bands of storms that circle the planet. Despite its great distance from the sun, which means it gets little sunlight to help warm and drive its atmosphere, Neptune's winds can reach up to 1,500 miles per hour (2,400 kilometers per hour), the fastest detected yet in the solar system. These winds were linked with a large dark storm that Voyager 2 tracked in Neptune's southern hemisphere in 1989. This oval-shaped, counterclockwise-spinning "Great Dark Spot" was large enough to contain the entire Earth.
  • A year on Neptune is 164.79 years. A day on Neptune is 16 hrs 6 min.
  • Neptune has 13 moons- Triton, Nereid, Proteus, Thalassa, Galatea, Despina, Larissa, Naiad, Sao, Neso, Halimede, Psamathe, Laomedeia.
  • Neptune's gravitational pull compared to earth is 1.12 which means that you would weigh more than you do on Earth.

Space School Neptune

The Planet Neptune:

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Naiad, also known as Neptune III, is the innermost satellite of Neptune, named after the Naiads of Greek legend. Naiad was discovered sometime before mid-September 1989 from the images taken by the Voyager 2 probe.

Accommodations On Neptune

On Neptune, we have a number of different houses, resorts, and hotels. Below are some of the very many you can choose from.

Resorts we have:

House up for Sale: 412 Knowhere Lane, Neptune

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Hotels: Triton Suites, Neptune

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Inside these houses, resorts and hotels, there will be stairwells leading deep underground, where the rooms are heated naturally by Neptune's internal heat source, the core.

What do you need to survive on Neptune?

On Neptune, you will need some different things to survive living on this cold planet. First, you should make sure to bring or buy a huge jacket with fur, they will be for sale on your space ride there they will be around $1000. You should also bring oxygen tanks, again you can buy them on your space ride there for around $3000. Also, heaters to put inside your jacket and heated clothes are also a good idea. Those two items will be for purchase on you ride there the heater will cost around $2000 and the heated clothes are about $1700. If you buy from us, you will have the feature to higher or lower the temperature in your jacket. Highest temperatures go to 1000 degrees and lowest go to 900 degrees. You can buy a whole kit of all these supplies listed above for $7,500. An absolute necessity for living on Neptune is bottled water. Although it will freeze, you can still put it in you mouth and wait for it to melt or you can put it by you heater and it will melt, but drink it quick!
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Activities to do on Neptune

On Neptune, you can do a number of different things like:

Take a swing on Neptune's Rings! Why not take this once in a lifetime opportunity and have some fun!

You can also visit The Great Dark Spot exhibit. It is about the size of the Earth and resembles the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. At this spot there will be tour guides to take you on a tour. You can catch a glimpse of the feathery white clouds in the middle of the Great Dark Spot. They are always changing. You can also tour the Small Dark Spot, which is a huge storm.

Also, Neptune has 13 moons that are great for sightseeing and taking a look at all their colors and nuances.

Wind surfing is also another fun thing to do here because we have the strongest winds in the solar system at about 2,100 km/h!

Neptune will also be having some very special groups that come originally from our planet come down to perform. These will include, Blue Man Group, Smurfs on Ice, and The Genie!

Try your luck and go looking for possible diamonds that may exist!

You could also fly kites! Just make sure to hold on and watch out for storms!

Take pictures of our breathtaking solar system.

Visit the amazing Blue Moon Restaurant on Nereid and try the Alien head soup.Yum!

Visit an Indoor Beach, they're provided at every hotel/resort. No reservation needed, no charge. You don't even have to be staying in that resort/hotel!

Warning: Neptune's surface is made of poisonous gases so don't get too close!

We have Space Xpressways for easy access to all of the planet's beautiful moons.

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Sites to See

On the largest moon Triton, there is a "King of the Sea" dance that takes place every 4 months on it's highest mountain, Mt. Miracle.

Visit the Great Dark Spot.

Visit White Spot called "Scooter"

Visit the mysterious unknown spacecraft "Voyager Blue" that crashed into our planet 30 years ago. A mystery has to be kept a mystery though, so while getting back home, remember not to tell anybody about that one attraction.

Visit "Thread the Rings" rocket ride!

Statue of Triton, is dedicated to the moon Triton which is named after the Greek sea god Triton, the son of Poseidon. You can find this exhibit on Triton(moon) in the Space History Museum.

Thread the Rings Rocket

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How to get to Neptune

To get to this planet, you have to travel on our rocket ship "Neptune 1" It is a self automated rocket, with control panels if necessary. To get to your destination, all you have to do is sit down and relax. You will have to be wearing your oxygen tanks and all the other things we listed above onboard. When your oxygen tank runs out, just calmly scream and we will provide more air for you. Also, spa options are available for extra cost. Family friendly movies will be played although and only turned off for an 8 hour period because of sleep. We do NOT recommend standing up during flight, if you need to go to the bathroom, we have a wide selection space diapers available for all sizes. 4 meals will be served a day, plus 2 snacks, and lots of water. Also on flight, we will be passing out free complimentary bracelets that have a built in recorded so you can keep a day by day track of what you did here on Neptune. It also has a feature where you will be able to book your next reservation to come back home. Neptune 1 has a nice, spacious living area with cushy seats and soft blankets. We will be making stops at other planets to get gas, there will be windows to look through, but we do NOT suggest that you go outside of the spacecraft. At this point though, you will be free to move about the cabin and stretch you arms and legs. At the back of the rocket, there is a pharmacy, doctor, and store. If you want an errand done for you because you are low on medication or want something different to eat, then fell free to write it down and give it to a robo-attendant. They will buy everything for you and bring it back to you ASAP. If medical assistance is needed, a robo-attendant will guide you to the back, do NOT get up yourself. After about 12 years we will reach our destination.
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How long will it take to get to Neptune?

To get to the planet you will have to go onto a rocket called Neptune 1. The amount of time it takes to get from Earth to Neptune at a speed of about 40,323 km/hour(so you can escape Earth's gravity) is about 12 years, if you were to travel at 100,000 km/hour you would get to Neptune in 5.12 years. Of course, if you go slower you will get there many years later. It all just depends of how fast you go. You should probably expect to arrive about 12 years later.


Though this trip may sound expensive, it is only $2 billion for a party of 8!

Pets in Space

Don't want to leave your furry friend at home? Well, now you can make an exact replica of your pet. Go to the Pets in Space Desk on Naiad and show the employee a picture of your loved one. They will then make that picture into a robot with the exact physical and emotional characteristics. The best part is you don't have to do any work for the pet. All the restaurants and activity centers allow them. You can get a Pet in Space to keep for the duration of your time on Neptune and to keep at home for $1000