Open Plan

Main Features

All open and the offices arn't seperated in blocks.

It includes multiple desks, chairs, computers etc.

Multiple people to one desk.

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  • You can speak to your peers.
  • You don't feel as confined.
  • You can work as a team.
  • You aren't squashed into a tiny booth.
  • You can move freely around the office.
  • If you're a teacher, you don't have to go and see every individual.


  • Not much privacy.
  • Can be noisy which might distract you from your work.
  • Can be messy where as if you have your own room you can control your tidyness.
  • You might have people trying to copy your work.
  • There might be queues at printers.
  • People might steal your essentials.

Examples of where they are used

  • Schools
  • Small businesses
  • Stock market
  • Call centre
  • "999" centre