Philosophy of Happiness


What Truly Makes ME Happy

  • my wonderful boyfriend
  • my best friend
  • all of my other friends
  • my parents
  • my little sister
  • school- specifically when I get a really good mark
  • travelling
  • children
  • summer
  • Christmas
  • warm days
  • a little alone time
  • fireworks
  • camping
  • hammocks
  • the beach
  • books
  • my job
  • Harry Potter
  • .......

My Values

  • activity
  • adventure
  • affection
  • ambition
  • attention to details
  • balance
  • beauty
  • being the best you can
  • cleanliness
  • comfort
  • correct
  • creativity
  • friendship
  • determination
  • equality
  • organization
  • religion
  • ........

Joy, Cheer, Delighted, Upbeat, Glad, Jubilant, Lively, Pleased, Esctadic, Jolly, Peppy, Sparkling, Perky, Tickled Pink ...

What I Think The Meaning of Happiness is

Happiness. Its something everyone strives for, something that everyone wants to feel. But how do we obtain this feeling? What is this feeling? Happiness is seeing someone you love after a long time. Happiness is eating your favourite food with your favourite person. Its the wind blowing through your hair at the beach. Its the sun sparkling off the water. Its many things, and it means something different to every different person. TO make ourselves happy we tend to work really hard to become successful, or we relax to feel all the stress melt away.

Who I am as a Person

  • I have to have organization
  • I hate being mean
  • If someone sneezes I have to say "bless you"
  • if someone asks me to take a shift for them at work, its really hard for me to say no
  • I always work really hard at my school work, so that nothing will be incomplete, or late
  • I cant hold grudges
  • ....