CDC Informational Pamphlet

Plague information

All You Need To Know About The Plague

How they affect healthy-

The Plague affects healthy cells byb injecting toxins into the healthy cell.

What pathogen causes Plague-

The pathogen that causes the plague is a bacteria called Yersinia pestis. it affects both human and animal cells.

How does it spread-

The plague spreads through the air, direct contact and contaminated food.

Where is it most seen-

The plague has been most recent in parts of California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. This is because of unsanitary conditions and direct contact.

History of it-

The plague was first spotted, by pandemic, in Europe around October 1347. A pandemic started in London when ships filled with disease infected many people. Millions of deaths occurred.


You would usually have to take, Streptomycin, gentamicin, and doxycycline. These are antibiotics.


Hello, I am the head of the CDC. CDC stands for central and disease control. Our job is to control diseases whether it be pandemic and epidemic. We make sure all diseases such as Ebola are under controlled.