That's One Strange Creature

The history of the Llama and it's cousin's

Llamas are mammals that are from the camel family. Llamas were discover by explorers. Llama in spanish means "flame". Scientists don't know why the spanish explorers named them this They're also closely related to the Alpaca. All three of these Animals Have helped humans for centuries. Llamas are known for their strength and ability to haul very heavy loads of goods up mountain sides.

What are the uses of a Llama?

You may have been thinking to yourself, "what are the uses of Llamas?" Well as you have read in the paragraph above, Llamas can carry loads of goods and items worth value up mountains. Other Uses include:

Wool for coats ( It's cold in the mountains)

Fertilizer (There "business" has got to go some where)

And surveys say that they make people feel comfortable

There much more uses but if we named them all it would go on for ever. Llamas seem useless but they are actually very useful creatures.

These photos are of Llamas and some may make you laugh

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