TNIS Panui Wiki 1, Wā Kura 4 2021

Te Kura Waenga Whakangungu O Takapuna

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Important Dates



Week 1: 18/10 - 22/10

Week 2: 25/10 - 29/10

Term Dates 2021

Term One

Mon 2 February - Fri 16 April

Term Two

Mon 3 May- Fri 9 July

Term Three

Mon 26 July - Fri 1 October

Term Four

Mon 18 October - Tues 14 December

Tumuaki Kōrero

Kia ora whānau

It has been great to connect back with our learners and staff this week. We hope that you and your bubble have navigated through the challenges of the last few weeks.

We are looking forward to a positive and interesting term. Well-being and connection will continue to be our main focus for the classrooms. Please encourage your children to connect with us during the school day.

As the education situation changes we will stay in touch with our TNIS plans through our School App and newsletters. Next week we will provide you with information regarding our online learning programme.

Ngā mihi nui,


Weekly Focus

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Action: Actively display resilience!

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Wananga - Effective learning interactions


The TNIS Way - Values in our school

We asked some of our learners to tell us about The TNIS Way. To prompt their thinking, we asked them:

How have you seen each value in action?

What do YOU do to show that you are living this value?

What does this value mean to you?

Why is this value special at TNIS?

How do we let everyone know about this value?

We were highly impressed by their insights! Here is a sample of their thoughts:

Ngā Whakapiringitanga - Safe Learning Environment

  • This value is a key aspect of the TNIS way, students and teachers well-being and safety is always the most important thing, making sure our learning environments are safe is a priority and this ensures that all students are happy and comfortable around the school/classrooms.
  • Teachers ensure we are all safe especially during these tough times, during class time it's awesome that students can talk to other students, teachers and teacher assistants whenever they have a question or just want to talk, I am honestly so grateful that TNIS always checks on everyone and puts the well-being of others first.

Hauora - Well Being

  • This value means a lot to me because I think maintaining hauora or well-being is very important for everyone. It also means a lot to me as this is really important for TNIS students to follow.

Ako - Everyone is a Learner

  • This value is KEY at TNIS, most learners at our kura are still trying to find who they really are and transitioning into a teenager is tough for many, we learn something new every day, whether it's in the classroom or out of the classroom, we are always learning.
  • Yes! All teachers at TNIS are super supportive of all students at any academic level, teachers always put a lot of time and effort to make students happy and comfortable at their learning level, teachers do a superb job at spreading the word.
  • Our teachers are always learning too!

Kotahitanga - Reflective Practice

  • This value is special at TNIS because it is an important method of reflecting on work so that TNIS students can reflect on their work to improve themselves and their work standard and quality.

  • This isn't just about reflecting on our work, it's about reflecting on how we act and react to what is happening around us.

Manakitanga - Caring for Others

  • This value is a massive part of myself and my life, caring for others really can change someone's life instantly, giving up time to talk to someone, being empathic, including everyone, all these small acts of kindness can really make a difference to anyone's life!

Mahi Tahi - Working Together

  • At TNIS we have several teams and classrooms that everyone can work efficiently and effectively in, each team always has occasional meet ups with all 4 classrooms which is awesome to get all the students to catch up, the collaborative classrooms and next door classes are also great to see teamwork in the class.
  • It's AMAZING to see so much team work from our amazing extra curricular activities too!! Our sports teams and music groups always cooperate and this is why we have awesome sports teams and musical bands, orchestras etc
  • I really appreciate Mahi Tahi because personally, I have grown so much as a learner because of the supportive classmates who teach me many new things, camp and EOTC also really made working together super fun, it was awesome to work as a collective outside the classroom
  • Teachers mention collaboration very often in the classroom, it's awesome that teachers remind us that collaboration and teamwork will be in many cases of our future, in high school and in university, work and in many areas of the future.
  • This value means so many things especially the fact that working as a collective makes many stronger, from learning with others and learning from others working together also helps with finishing work at high standards, such as for inquiry projects in buddies, you end up making something 2x better as what an individual would’ve done because they both have put an effort.

Mana Motuhake - Respect for Others

  • I have seen this value being displayed a lot throughout the school. TNIS has quite a multicultural community but I think that students see that as more of an advantage as we are always interested if there is a cultural event happening; this shows that we have respect for people who have different backgrounds to us. Another example of this is at break times when we are all outside, with over 600 kids this can be hard at times but we all seem to be quite respectful of teachers and students: we let others through the doors before us, make sure people get their turns in the playground and use manners when we are out and about. Even though Mana Motuhake is about: ‘respect for others’ I think that students also show a good amount of self-respect, our uniforms are worn with pride and are mostly clean and we own our work and actions.
  • Teachers often talk about this during our lessons. In PE we talk about showing respect for the opposition and the importance of fair play. During class discussions, teachers remind us to be respectful of different ideas and accept that others may have different opinions to us. During lockdown we have all been slightly down and things are not normal, for a lot of people especially coming back from the holidays settling into online learning is quite hard. During our online meeting the teachers take the time to tell us about how important it is to respect our friends/classmates during these hard times as well as being kind to our families and others in our bubbles.
  • I think that we already promote this value a lot. We talk about being kind and helpful to others in most of our assemblies which is a form of respect. I think that if we keep telling students about the importance of respect for others we would be helping learners identify why this is so important not just in school but everywhere they go.

Whanaungatanga - Relationships

  • I include others in whatever I do if they are by themselves and need someone to hang out with, this proves that I demonstrate the TNIS way aspect of Whanaungatanga. I also attempt to talk to a different person every day in order to make new friendships with different learners and to also make people feel loved at this amazing school.
  • When I first started at TNIS it was hard to make friends with other learners at first, but with this value in place it was much easier to make friends with other learners, this wasn’t only beneficial for me, but also the other year 7’s that were first starting last year.
  • There are a large amount of relationships I have seen around our school regarding the large number of learners who have many friendships throughout TNIS, it's great to see the amount of learners who are welcoming and inclusive to the other learners throughout the school.

Tangata Whenuatanga - Affirming Learners’ Culture

  • TNIS is a very culturally diverse school, that is inclusive to all religions and cultures, it's amazing to see learners being considerate of other people’s cultures and religions throughout the school.
  • As someone who is part of a unique culture I understand the feeling of not belonging with other learners in the school, with this in mind I like to feel inclusive to others who have the same and different cultures in order to prevent learners from feeling alienated from others who have different cultures.
  • This TNIS value is already highly promoted in the school and I think that if we continue to speak of this value highly at TNIS during assemblies and in classrooms, then everyone will be aware of this really important value at TNIS
  • Teachers have ensured that the culture of our learners is top priority, the cultural leaders, Mrs Macgibbon, Mrs Lee and Mr Chandara do an EXCEPTIONAL job to manage fun cultural groups and events, doing HWEO in class has also made many students look into the many unique and fascinating cultures around the world too, kapa haka and Pasifika groups are very successful at TNIS and we are certainly an amazing diverse school!

    Vaccination Information



    School News and Information

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    Netball Update

    Due to Alert Level settings, the remainder of the North Harbour Netball season has been cancelled. On another note, there is a possibility of a Spring league. Please see below:

    Intermediate and College Spring Leagues

    Wednesdays - 27th October to 1st December

    Venue: Netball North Harbour Courts (All 7-aside leagues are played outside)

    Length: 6 weeks

    Registration close date: 20th October for Primary, Intermediate, College and Club

    Cost: $140.00 for all leagues (unless stated below)


    ICAS exams are on hold at this time. New dates for the Science and Maths exams will be shared once we are back at school and able to meet in larger groups.


    Year 9 Enrolments for 2022

    Our local secondary schools have asked us to remind all Year 8 families about enrolling their children for Year 9 in 2022. Please visit each school's website for more information about out-of-zone and in-zone enrolments.
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    School Fundraising

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    Community News

    The following is community news and is published as a service to our community. Inclusion in this newsletter should not be seen as a recommendation or endorsement.
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    STEAM @ WGHS Applications Now Open


    Westlake Girls High School offers a STEAM programme involving an integrated and innovative approach to the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, aligned to the UN Sustainable Goals.

    Do you want a quick overview of what STEAM is like from a student’s perspective? Check out Lily Winchester’s video HERE

    Also take a look at our latest Newsletter HERE

    More information can be found on the STEAM page of our school website.

    Why STEAM is great - Lily Winchester
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    Musical Instrument lessons available at school

    Our School works with the Music Education Centre to offer parents the convenience of specialist instrumental lessons for their children here at school. If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, please contact the Music Education Centre directly on 0800 89 39 39 or

    Guitar Lessons - Dave Gatman

    Hi there! I have taught Guitar to kids in schools for over 15 years. I love working with kids and inspiring the next generation of musicians. I like to make my lessons as positive and fun as possible, teaching a range of songs from traditional folk/blues to the current pop and rock tunes.

    I've played the guitar in a large variety of settings, and I'm currently in a covers band playing at weddings, bars and parties.

    Lessons are in groups of up to 4 at a time, and cost $20.00 plus gst, for half an hour.

    Individual lessons are offered if I feel like the student will benefit from them, and if I have space. These cost $35.00 plus GST per half hour.

    Lessons are on Wednesday mornings at TNIS as well.

    Feel free to contact me - Or text/call on 021 2221456.



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