sammy davis jr

by kylah delezene


Sammy Davis jr was a wonderful performer.Some people say he was the most talented intranet of his generation.He was remembered as the greatest entertainer because he could do it all.He could sing, he could act, he could dance, he was super good at tap dancing, and he was a comedian.

The start of his career

At the age of three Sammy was abanded from his mother and left with his father Sammy Davis cr. Sammy also first went on stage at the age of three . At a young age Sammys uncle saw his talent, so at the age of five, he signed him to a 30-year contract.After his first video Davis for president, everyone wanted him but his uncle wanted him for himself.

Sammy davis

More about Sam

In 1941, USA entered the war and Sammy was called up, on his seventeenth birthday.In the utility, he faced the full force of racial abuse.Frank Sinatra was Sammy's hero , he looked up to him and always wanted to be like him . He liked him because he was a singer and preformer then became a big movie star too . One night Sammy got to preform with him and he loved it . Sammy brought joy to people thats why they loved him . Soon Sammy was in movie too and he did much more .

The end of Sammy davis jr

Sammy Davis died age 64 from cancer may 16 baverly hills calofornia . Sammy davis was a big smoker so that was probably the cause of cancer .