Of Studies by Robert Bacon

The Joys of Learning

"Read not to contradict, nor to believe, but to weigh and consider."

  • Why fight when discussion is a perfectly viable option? The whole goal of education is to facilitate civilized, intelligent problem solving skills to reduce costly conflict.
  • The most educated man is the one with the most understanding mind, or at least he should be.
  • Not all literary works are the same. Reading teaches discretion, and with it, critical thinking.

Why should I read?

  • A well-read man is a patient one; he is able to make wise decisions on the spot.
  • The art of real, in-depth judgment is a critical one. Learn it well and don't jump to conclusions.
  • It is during these simple contemplative times in life where one experiences the greatest moments of joy. Never underestimate the power of the mind or words on a page.