John Wilkes Booth

Created by: Chris Wiggins & Szinnen Soriano

"Couldn't stand another victory for the North/Union." Page-9

He felt depressed since the South(confederation) lost the civil war to the North(Union). Due to the victory all they did was celebrate their glorious victory. This was a direct character trait and his actions and thoughts showed it.

"John is a great actor" page-10

In this example of indirect characterization. John is clearly a vibrant or well liked person. This character trait is revealed through John's effect on people.

He choose a one bullet gun to kill Abraham Lincoln. Page-20

In this example of direct characterization, John is clearly daring and willing to take a risk. This character trait is revealed in John's actions.

"Knew the box inside the theater where the president will sit......". Page 11-13

John's speech shows that he is a very wise/smart person as he describes the theater. This is example of indirect and this character trait is revealed threw his thoughts.

My Prediction

In my prediction for John Wilkes Booth that he would continue to harm the Union but, he's going to hide from the people who hunts him down.For example since Booth killed the President Abraham Lincoln it causes an uproar in the Union.Also the Confederacy will act soon because the President of the Union is dead.If Booth continue to harm the Union it will get even worse.
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