Cheating n Relationship

Why Cheat..Why Lie...Why hurt... Why Disrespect....Just WHY

Does Every relationship has it's limitations

Yes because There are certain things you know you can do and certain things you know you cannot. Boundaries are necessary in a relationship as they do help you to maintain a stronger love life and connection. You won't nag one another or cross the line that can put your lover over the edge.

People lie because 9 out of 10 there really scared to tell the truth and hurt the other mate

  • People cheat because they get bored with the person they truly love .
  • People do stupid things because they haven't lean from the mistake
  • Life happens, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about any of it beside move forward for the situation

Cheating is an ever present problem in many relationships and can cause huge emotional damages to the spouse that has been cheated on.

  • many partners who have been cheated on wonder what they can do to recover their relationship after a spouse has cheated

Some People Say That Cheating Isnt Quite Out of Control Just Yet Because Most People Feel As If Its Okay To Move around

  • the writer that progressed this statement , from my point of view is wrong
  • I feel as if cheating is out of control because it isn't right that people should have the right to hurt their spouse and manage to feel that what they have done is okay.

Ceating isnt okay so if you have thought about doing it just realize who0 your hurting in the end