Millbridge Earth Day a BIG Hit!

People, Planet and Prosperity highlighted on April 22, 2016

A Special Day of Learning: Over 50 Special Guests and Presenters Engage 800 Millbridge Cubs

April 22nd kicked off with an Earth Day Pledge, then an exciting unveiling of the mosaic tile Buddy Benches at the newly created rain garden. Three amazing assemblies by Travis Gale of Eyes of the Wild, entitled Wallaby Tales, demonstrated to students some of Earth's beautiful animals. Travis educated the youngsters, that although incredibly unique, not all animals are meant to be household pets. Travis was engaging, funny and downright entertaining for all the students, staff and special guests.

In the classrooms, projects inspired by the Earth were the day's lesson. By mid-day, students enjoyed the winning apple in the Millbridge Apple Challenge, hosted by Nutriserve, Delran's food service provider. The big winner was Granny Smith! By the end of the day, each classroom also had a special presenter speak to them about important issues such as: pedestrian safety, eating well, saving money and resources, creating energy with solar power, our nature trails in Burlington county and how to preserve local habitats by disposing of trash in the correct place.

Each children left school, with their own seeds to plant in their community. Milkweed seeds, wildflower seeds and acorns were distributed by teachers, to continue the positive message of celebrating Mother Earth.

The Apple Challenge Winner Announced... Granny Smith Wins!

With 800 students voting, over 50% of the votes went to the tart but crisp apple. On Earth Day, the Nutriserve staff featured this apple for the student body.