Weekly Notes

January 10-16

Focus of the Week: Joyfulness

Monday, January 11

MET/IEP @10:30- Anthony, Frisk, Jackson, Karr, Maurus, Woodham (Frisk's Room)

Stauch's Minions Xtra Recess @ 3:00

Tuesday, January 12

Donuts With Your Favorite Guy! @ 8:00-8:30

Carver/Maurus Meeting @ 9:30

Compton/Maurus Meeting @ 10:30

Staff Meeting @ 4:00-5:30

Pierce Preview Night (5th grade parents) @ 6:30

Wednesday, January 13

Maurus @ Central Office in AM for Admin Meeting- Hrit on Call

MET/IEP @ 9:00- Anthony, Middleton

Thursday, January 14

Maurus/Dunn Maintenance Meeting @ 10:00

PBL/Benchmarking Planning Meeting @ 1:00 (Jefferson Media Center- PBL District Team)

New student meeting in lobby 3:00-3:30

Friday, January 15

5th Grade Pierce Middle School Orientation@ 11:30-3:00- Compton, Giroux, Gordon, Vasiloff, Maurus

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 9 (mainly physical aggression)

Alternatives to Suspension- 2 students chose to clean the cafeteria together after having a pushing altercation.

ISS: 0

OSS: 1

Send Home: 0

Trends/Hot Spots: Physical aggression...recess... ARRRRRGGGGGG!

Eagle Tickets

Hopefully we'll have the new Eagle tickets in our possession soon!

I have noticed that we are in need of some additional clarification of Eagle tickets and what our schoolwide plan for them is. Here are a few reminders:

-Please keep using the Eagle tickets as a recognition of desired behaviors and above and beyond noticings!

-Please make sure that once the students receive Eagle tickets that they keep them! I understand that in their excitement to get to the office that sometimes they may go a little faster or that they may whoop it up a little, but please correct their behavior instead of taking the ticket away.

Also, please do not take them from students for a consequence, as it will discourage students from striving to earn them in the first place if they know that it can be taken away after it is earned. We don't want the students to take on the "why try" mentality. It defeats the purpose of the Eagle tickets! Many students have said that they have stopped trying to get them because of this.

Basically, once the ticket is given, it remains with the student as a reminder of the good deed or behavior that was recognized.

-Please continue to praise the students as you see them walking down the hallway and cheer for them as they make their way to the office- I have had SEVERAL new families notice immediately that students were carrying the Eagle tickets and the new students and parents were very excited about them (as well as commenting on the positive responses and praises from our staff). This is such a point of pride and it really reinforces our school culture.

-One concern that several of you have is that the tickets are losing their luster. The PBIS team is working on a way to bring back the individual recognition for the tickets without a cumbersome announcement every morning or Dana plugging away to put them on a slideshow that not everyone sees. The team will get back to the rest of the staff about what is going to be done as soon as the plan is solidified.

So, keep churning out those tickets and correct undesirable behaviors separately from the Eagle tickets.

Any questions? Just ask!

Shelter in Place vs. Lockdown


Shelter in Place:
Business as usual inside of the school. No one in or out.

Lockdown: Lock doors, turn off lights, draw blinds, keep students hidden from view.

Please remember that you are to have your door locked at all times and to keep a magnet to prop it open so that it doesn't latch shut. If you don't have a magnet, please let me know.

Upcoming Watch DOGS

None as of yet, but hopefully, we will have a schedule after Donuts With Your Favorite Guy next week!