Points to Ponder

Mrs. Bradburn's Newsletter

Reader today, Leader tomorrow

Gator Gallop and Fall Festival

Each students will be getting a free t-shirt for Gator Gallop tomorrow morning. Your child has two options: He/she will be able to go to the restroom and change or just put the new shirt right over whatever your child wears to school. It is supposed to be chilling tomorrow and we will be walking outside. We walk at 10:10. Don't forget to wear gym shoes kids!

I hope you are planning on attending the Fall Festival tomorrow evening! It starts at 5:00 and goes until 8:00. There will be games, food, and fun!

Word Work/Spelling

Our new pattern is "Magic e" words. Magic e jumps over the letter to the vowel and makes the vowel scream his name. He then he sits there laughing quietly.

Here are a list of words to practice reading and spelling at home: hope, joke, froze, choke, tone, cone, rope, lake, take, make, fade, wave, whale, skate. We will practice these words for the next couple of days.

Hopefully, you have received the Red Words list. Please practice the highlighted words.