Seven Days to Success Challenge


Day 6 - We're almost there and your business is stronger for it...

I'm sure by now you've heard that 'fortune is in the follow-up'. I can't think of a truer statement! It takes so many 'touches' to someone before they decide to make a decision, whether it be to buy, book or sell S&D. If you reach out only once or twice and then give up, you probably lost out on something great! It may not be right now, but at some point they WILL host/sign-up with someone else if that's what they want to do.

I have had hostesses and stylists that I have been in touch with for well over a year before the time was right!

So DON'T GIVE UP! A "no" isn't a "no" until they actually say it…not responding is usually just because they are too busy and it's not a top priority! When you're starting to feel as if you've followed up TOO much, then tell them that! I usually say something like "I really hate to keep bothering you, so if you're not interested, please just let me know! I just don't want you to miss out!" That almost always elicits a response!

Today's Focus - FOLLOW UP

Step One: Look at the list of prospective Stylists you made back on Day Two. Reach back to each one of them INDIVIDUALLY via phone (if you don't have their number, then use email/FB). Invite them to come to the Spring Rally with you! If you're not going to the Rally, then invite them for coffee to chat more! Get them in person - it works! (Recorded call here:

Step Two: Now look at the list of prospective Hostesses that you reached out to on Day Three. Do the same here - call each and every person on that list! Say something like this:

"I emailed you a couple of days ago with a sneak peek into our Spring 2014 collection, what did you think? January is a fun month to get together with your girlfriends now that the holidays are over! Your friends will be the first to see our new collection! Hostesses in January also earn an extra $50 in free accessories! You can get what you really wanted for the holidays! When do you normally get together with your friends? Let’s do it!

A Glimpse into Blythe's style session at Director's Conference yesterday!

Here's how our POA will work - a little recap:

Each day I'm going to post a task (via email) for all of us to complete. They may be short, they may be long, or they may be in between - but each will contain some task you can complete to move your business forward. When you've completed the task, send me an email stating that you've done so. EVERYONE who completes all seven will be rewarded for participating with a pack of Look Books! You don't have to do one a day...if you'd prefer, you can wait a few days and then complete all those you missed. The important part is that you're DOING the tasks - not necessarily WHEN you do them!

Email me your results - I can't wait to watch our schedule trunk show report increase! YOU CAN DO IT! xo Hailey