A walk with Mahatma Ghandi

by: Kiley Chesney

Mahatma Gandhi, was a surprising man who made India free from Britain. Well i have 1 question Who was Gandhi? I heard Gandhi was a man who tried to gain independence for India. Then when Gandhi died no one knew what to do!..

Who was Ghandi

Well, Ghandi was different. He wanted to be free. He stood up for alot of things. Ghandi did not like violence so he didn't hurt anyone. Next,he changed the face of India. Ghandi did all kind of things for India such as movements, and speaches. Most importantly, he had enough courage to make a change. He knew what to say without a fight. When Ghandi was young he married at 14 years old. Ghandi was born all the way back in October 2,1869 and he lived for a very long time and impacted many people's life with his teachings and beliefs.

Word to Word for freedom

When, Gandhi was young he had a rough young age. Also when Gandhi was young he rebelled. He wouldn't give up his seats,and when he wouldn't give up his seats he got arrested many times. Gandhi showed pride in what he did. He would to talk to press about how he wanted change for India's freedom. Many people began to believe him. Then, he started movements. They would walk for a very long time. He did this various times. At the end of the fights, rebellions, movements, and talking to press Britain finally let India be free!!

The end of Ghandi

Mostly, Britain let India be free and then Gandhi wanted Hindus & Muslims to live peacefully together. What Gandhi had been waiting for a long time FREEDOM!!! Also Gandhi got invited to conferences and a bunch of other things. But 1 thing very sad happened. Someone assassinated him on the way to press. India has remembered Gandhi for Ages..... Everyone should get to know about Gandhi and what he did for India. He was courageous and a giving man.
When, Gandhi made India free from Britain a lot of people were happy & cheerful! He loved to help people. Many people still honor him today. As he probably he is watching us from up above.

Mahatma Gandhi : October 2,1869-January 14,1948





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Mohandas Gandhi as he was talking to people about helping free India from Britain