Me, Myself, and I

By: Jesseppy Smith (Trancy Clark)


This is here to warn you that you are about to be presented a flyer about the weirdest, meanness, and probably most likely to be the craziest person around town.


  • My birthday is April 3, 2002 (year of the horse)

Some Cool Stuff Just Below!

Spirit Animal!

Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal! Grumpy cat or Tartar Sauce's birth day is April 4 and mine is April 3, coincidence I think not!

Reading is Fun!!!!

I don't really like to read, but when I do read the number one trilogy I will read is the Darkest Powers Trilogy. The most amazingly amazing book trilogy in this entire world! It includes supernatural beings, romance, and thrills inside these three amazing books.