Feb 18 to 22 Newsletter

What's Happening

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a great break. Here is what is happening this week.

Social Studies Field Trip - Tuesday will be our Field Trip around Taipa to find out more about our community. For the parents who volunteered to help out, please be at the school at 8:30 as we will be leaving the school at at 8:45.

Language - I have been getting lots of RAZ Kids recorded books sent to me to listen to! Way to go! Remember to practice your reading before you send it so that you know all the words. Also, remember to read your AR books so you are ready to do AR tests this week.

We will be working on writing Realistic Stories this month. We will be learning about how to write a good beginning, middle and end. We will also be learning how to use Prior Knowledge as a reading strategy to increase comprehension.

Science - We will continue to learn about magnets.

Math - We will continue to work on counting backwards by 1's, 5's, and 10's, and problem solving using the calendar. We will also be problem solving using what we know about addition and subtraction.