Dual Language 2-Way Program

Manor ISD's Multilingual Department

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The Manor ISD Multilingual Department is proud to have the unique opportunity to educate students from a multitude of diverse backgrounds, cultures, countries, and languages!

Our 3 main program goals are:

1. Grade-level academic achievement

2. Bilingualism & biliteracy

3. Sociocultural competence

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The Manor ISD Two-Way Dual Language Program will train and develop bilingual students who will make successful contributions in a multicultural and global society. Students will develop fluency and literacy in Spanish and English across content areas while meeting or exceeding grade level expectations from kindergarten through 5th grade.

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The curriculum implemented in the two-way dual language classrooms consists of 50% English and 50% Spanish instruction. Teachers alternate language in each subject weekly. Instructional strategies such as gestures, drawings, visuals, music, videos, and more are used to provide language support. We use formal and informal observations to assess student growth in both languages.

The various academic subjects are taught in the same sequence as the other grade-level classrooms, the only difference is the language of the week. For example, if math is taught in English one week, students continue to expand their learning of the math concepts in Spanish the following week. We do not repeat the same concepts in both languages. We also do not "translate" the lessons. Student's are taught completely in one language during a certain block of time. The key to the program's success is the connections. We call this "The Bridge". Here, students are able to take what they know from one language and connect it to the other language.

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• Students with different home languages learn both English and Spanish together

• High levels of fluency in English and Spanish

• Academic achievement of all students will be at or above grade level in both languages

• Cognitive flexibility that promotes advanced levels of thinking

• Better problem-solving skills

• Positive attitudes towards different cultures

• Both languages will be equally valued

• Economic advantages (employment opportunities) in the future

• Parent involvement will increase

• Increased student commitment and overall engagement


• Commit to keeping your child in the program for at least 6 years.

• Become a volunteer and participate in activities that support the dual language program at your child’s school.

• Value the importance of both languages when talking to your child.

• Use the tools and resources provided by your child's teacher to support your student at home

• Read with your child at home in their first language.

• Participate in the Multilingual Advisory Committee (MAC) of parents of students in bilingual programs in the district by calling 512-278-4457 or email: Alejandra.macriharboure@manorisd.net

• Become an LPAC parent representative at your campus by calling 512-278-4423.

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Dual Language 2-Way Parent Meeting

Monday, May 4th 2020 at 5pm

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Topic: Dual Language 2-Way Parent Meeting

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Dual Language 2-Way Parent Meeting

Monday, May 11th 2020 at 5pm

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Topic: Dual Language 2-Way Parent Meeting

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