By: Vaishnavi L. Class : 9-7

The Sins in the Heart (Ballad)

Once I looked upon my love

With sorrow in my eyes

The beast had come and claimed me

As his devil bride

The emotions that swirled through my head

The possession that the beast took

Left me cold hearted, vulnerable

Disgusting, vile

Until the day he died

I never knew when it would happen

Morning, night

Joining the souls that screeched for plight

I never knew what was wrong with me

What curse I had,

But when he passed everything hit me

Right through my damned soul

For, I had never known what would occur

If he had still lived

Would I have still been cold hearted,

Would I have still been filled with sin?

Was it the beast?

Was it the karma?

Was it the devil inside of me?

Or was it just.. me?

Twenty years after his passing,

I stood still in the temple of Death

Looking for his soul

But when I called out to it,

The horrible screeching noise made me shrink back

As I looked at the soul, my worst nightmare came true

The devil, the beast, the disgusting vile creature inside of me

The curse,

It had damned his soul also

Because of my love for him

Shoes and Life (Free Verse)

Those laces

Long skinny, laces

Which looked like a stringy beans feet

Or as flat as a pancake

These laces wouldn't go inside my shoe

The holes were to small

Skinny things don't go into skinny holes

Flat things don't go into narrow holes

Nothing goes into those holes,

Those holes in that shoe

Because that shoe has lost all its wealth, fortune and respect

Long live that shoe.

I wish... (poem)

I wish I had a million dollars

I wish I had seven day weekends

I wish I had more storage on my Iphone

I wish I had a perfect GPA

I wish I had a Pandicorn

I wish I had a llama

I wish I had freedom of choice against my parents

I wish Ii had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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