How To become the best Youtuber!

By: Mason Lelm


What’s up Guys? This is Mason Lelm and we are going to read this article. That is what a youtuber sounds like when he starts his videos, This article is about how to become a youtuber, I will also tell you some tips and tricks to get popular on youtube. I hope you find these tips and tricks useful. If you are good enough you can earn some cash for this career!

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How To Create a Youtube Channel, Videos, and How to get Popular

Steps to Create a YouTube Channel

Make sure you're signed in to YouTube.

Go to All my channels. Not that hard right?

If you want to make a YouTube channel for a Google+ page that you manage. Otherwise, click Create a new channel.

Fill out the details to create your awesome youtube channel!

Ok now that you have created a YouTube channel you got to decide what videos you are going to make. There are endless options to what videos you can make such as, Gaming, Video Logs, Comedy and even Reviews! But those aren't all the options.

Gaming is what we are going to talk about first. Ok so if you were playing a game on a computer you got to download a recording software some of the best recording software cost a lot of money, Such as Fraps that cost $60 so if you don't want to spend any money here is one recording software you don't have to pay for the only downside is the video quality isn't that great, OBS (Open Brodcaster Software) is one of the many free recording software. Ok once downloaded you learn how to use it and just like that you are recording.

For anything besides Gaming, Here is the top priority getting a camera, So all cameras are good but you have to have one where you somehow have to get that video file on to your computer to get it uploaded. After you have gotten a camera you can start filming!

Ok now how to get popular on YouTube. So you might have posted some videos already and have not gotten the results you wanted. Well, that's because you need to spread the word about your YouTube channel. You can post stuff about your channel on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that will receive some attention. One thing that really reels people in is what you are uploading, For Example you were uploading a video about Minecraft that would receive attention. Even a simple Tutorial video on something will get some attention.

Day to Day Life of a Youtuber

Typically, A youtuber gets a lot of sleep because they don't really work around a schedule. Some have schedules such as recording once a week or every other day, But that really depends on what they are doing in real life. Youtubers don't spend all there time on the internet they have personal lives too. So, if you think they are on there PC 24/7 you are incorrect. So when a youtuber records they get it done fast because they have other things to get too.

Once done recording youtubers either relax for a while or they upload right away but before uploading they usually edit there videos, But you don't always have to edit your videos to have a good video but it is highly recommended to do so. Ok, after uploaded they normally explore the comments section or walk away from there computer. When youtubers search there comment section they typicallylook for mean comments because that is what they are concerned most about.

Once a youtuber day is done after uploading the video they normally take it easy for the rest of the day so they don't look or sound tired in their next video.

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Pros in the Field

If you wish to know some professionals in the field then here are the top ten youtubers worldwide. Some of these names you may have never heard before because they are around the world.

Top 10 Youtubers (Not Including YouTube or VEVO).








8.Fine Brothers Entertainment



That is the top ten list maybe after the article and a lot of hard work you can be up there too! But believe me when I say it is hard work being a youtuber.


Well that’s all thank you guys for reading! I hope to see you next time in the next article Bye! That is how a youtuber would end his videos. Well, Thank you for reading my article and I hope you learn something about this unique career, I hope you can give it a try because I sure am!