Danger in the Shadows

Dee Henderson

By Jade Hiebner


16 year old Sara Walsh, is under FBI protection because of her terrorizing childhood. Sara lives with her brother Dave who is a FBI guard. What happened to her when she was 6 follows her around 10 years later. Sara and her twin sister Kim were abducted by 2 men and put into an underground cellar where they were both chained across the room from each other. The twin were given only one water bottle that they would roll across the cellar to each other to survive. But only one of the twins made it out and the other dead because of thirst, starvation and anxiety. One kidnapper was found and was sentenced to life in jail while the other kidnapper is still after her. Stocking her, waiting to take her again, just at the right moment. He wishes to put her in the same cellar where she was once tied up 7 feet away from her dead sister.

The kidnapper haunts her memory by sending her packages in the mail with objects or items that remind her of the abduction. Her dead sister's hair ribbons, the water bottle she tried to roll across the dark cellar dirt floor, and Kim's clothes. Once these packages come, horrifying nightmares haunt her and she screams for hours during the night, holding the cocked gun that lays by her bed every night to protect her from the kidnapper that has came into the house before. Sara is always changing location because somehow the man find out where she lives. Is falling in love possible for someone who who is followed by security all day like Sara? or will the kidnapper take her?

What Did I Enjoy About This Book?

I enjoyed the suspension about the book. There was always something that kept me reading the book whether it was when Sara goes back to the cellar to overcome her fear or when Sara sees the kidnappers face in her dreams.

What Characters Played Important Roles to the Overall Theme?

Sara's brother, Dave, plays an important role because he is always protecting her and taking time out of his life for her protection. Another person is the kidnapper because the whole book basically revolves around her running away from him and hiding.

Was the Ending Satisfactory?

Yes, the ending was satisfactory because the book tells how Sara is spending her life after some of the things resolve, but yet there is still suspense. It leaves you wanting to read the next book.

If This Book is a Part of a Series, Can You Provide More Information About the Series?

This book is part of the O'Mally series but it is just a prequel . There are 7 books in the series...

#1. Danger in the Shadows

#2. The Negotiator

#3. The Guardian

#4. The Truth Seeker

#5. The Protector

#6. The Healer

#7. The Rescuer

Each one of these books focuses on 7 young men and woman met as children in an orphanage, and craving a family, adopted by each other.