Grandma Birthday

Emma Burns

On Saturday April 1,2015 we had took my Grandma to six flags for her birthday.So we had woke up very early to be there on time and to get on some rides before it got really packed.Me and my Aunt got on some very big rides.One of the big rides we got on was BATMAN it was very scary so I kinda did not want to get on them big rides no more.So my aunt and me started to get on the fourwheeler float ride it was so much fun because we went through tunnels and you got wet at the same time so it was so much fun on that ride.When we where done we where just like we are riding this ride again.

Then we had went out for lunch there at six flags it was very expensive what we ate.The food I ate there was sea food mixed with italina and it was just so amazing!I have never even thought of how good this meal was.Just a little price of the food but it was so good.After lunch me my aunt and grandma we went all too the water rides.My favorite water ride was aqua man because I got so wet and I felt so happy.It was so fun that when we had got off I was really to get on the ride again.

Then my aunt wanted me to get on the big rides with her but I was too scary because of all the accident on the big rides it just scares me to get on one now.So since I didn't want to get on the big rides we went to the games on the side.I went to go play this game with big fake duckling and I had to get it around a duck to get a big stuff animal. I lost the all my times and then I got it around I was happy and walked out with a Big Zebra.I was so exited that when my mom say me she thought I was someone else because the zebra was about as big as me!!!!!!!

Last we finally ate some Pizza.This food was so good I was like oh my mom needs to try my pizza it had the best sauce and had the best seasoning on it.Then before Six Flages .Have to be close we went to go have a little more fun on the water cabian rides and got so wet a little more.Then it got really dark so I left with my aunt and had a good rest of my night!With my grandma and aunt.