By Dylan Peverill

The 3 properties of Magnetism

1.Magnets attract iron plus materials thats contain iron.

2.Magnets attract plus repel other magnets.

3.Magnets point north when swinging freely.

Magnetic Pole

There are two poles, the North and South poles. Poles that are alike repel, and unlike poles attract.

Magnetic Force

There are two types of magnetic force, attraction and repulsion. Magnetic force is strongest at the poles.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are the area of magnetic force around a magnet. The distance is determined by the strength of force around a magnet. The field lines are the strongest at the poles.

Magnetic Domains

If domains are not lined up there is not a magnetized material anymore, but if they are lined up you do have a magnetized material.
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Date Published...Oct 13, 2008