The Shepherd Boy

A Fairytale Smore

Setting and Characterization

There are only a few characters and the main characters are the shepherd boy and the King. He is just a poor boy that got a chance of a lifetime from the king. The don't say anything about his parents. The only other character in the book is the King. The king is just a powerful ruler that is most of the time mean. The setting is out in a shepherd field.

Theme & Plot

The theme is that if you think you know what your saying and you can make people believe what you say is true then you will make it a long way in life. The plot is that there is a shepherd boy who everyone know is pretty much smart and know everything and so the king decides to ask him some questions. The king makes a deal that if the boy can give him the right answers to his questions then he can live int he royal palace and be claimed as his son. The king asks the boy his 3 questions and the boy pretty much makes stuff up and BS's his way through the whole thing and the king completely believes him. The king lets the boy come live with him in the palace and claims him as his son.