Principal's Message

Week 5

More 'phewing' ahead....

The irony is that in a couple of months we will be whining about how cold it is. The only happy person will be Kristina because she will get to test out all that thermal clothing she has dragged down from Queensland.

This week I would like to start meeting with classroom teachers to follow up parent teacher interviews. Can I meet with the F/1's and the 3/4's this week and the 5/6's and 2/3's next week? I am good to go on Tues, Wed and Thurs. Just have a look at your timetable and maybe stick a post-it note on my door of what suits.

Just a little reminder that the library is a space that is available for everyone to use. However when you have finished, please make sure that it is tidy and the furniture is where it should be, the lights and aircon/heating are all off. Len will do this after the borrowing sessions but he should come into a neat and tidy room when he arrives on a Monday. It doesn't take long and the kids are pretty good at getting it organised.

It will be a mad week with everyone swimming but CALM will prevail. Don't get stressed, take it in your stride and enjoy it. In years to come it might just save a never know!

Be yourself, there is no-one better qualified!


An old one but it still makes me laugh!