Apple Products Exhibit

By: Anthony Schantz and Jacob Ballain

The Exhibit

We picture the Apple Products Exhibit to have stations where each product will be displayed and at the display the product will have information of what year it came out and what it was made for. Secondly, I would also want there to be a play area where kids and even adults could borrow or use there own Apple products for fun or even work. This area would have many iMacs, iPods, and iPads for use. We believe that this exhibit would attract everybody not just the kids because Apple has great technology.


Our research consisted of our primary source, Apple Store, and many secondary resources in which we found information. In the Apple store you can find the all the Apple products and extra stuff that you can imagine. This store also includes iTunes for music or movie downloads. Our other websites are giving information about sales and top products. This Apple exhibit will be a hit because Apple is very popular.


Apple should be an exhibit because basically every family in America has an apple product of some sort and we believe that this exhibit would promote Apple products throughout Indiana.The top 5 Apple products are the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook Air, and the iMac. Apple store is where any user can find all the Apple products and buy them for a great cost. For example, you can buy headphones including Beats at this store. Apple has sold 37.4 million iPhones in the second quarter last year. Apple Itunes is where people can buy music, movies, or even ringtones.