The Life of Robert Stewart

By: Jessica Wandling

Born on July 21, 1909 and lived to November 20, 2000

Robert Stewart's life before America

Robert lived on a farm in Belfast, Ireland with his parents and eight younger siblings. He grew to be 6'6'', or 5'18'' as he used to say, with a thick Irish brogue. When he was old enough he would have inherited the family farm, but he was determined to start a life of his own in America.

Robert Stewart's Life in New York

In 1929, 20-year-old Robert traveled to America searching for a way to start his own life. Sponsored by his Uncle, Robert immigranted through Ellis Island before heading to New York. Until he had enough money to move or live on his own, Robert stayed with his Uncle in Brooklyn. At first he did various jobs for instance, working on farms on Long Island and delivering milk and ice cream to houses for Bordon Co.. After a couple of years Robert met a girl named Emma at an Irish dance. They later got married in 1936 then moved to Queens, New York. After their wedding Emma and Robert had three kids. The oldest was Doreen who was born in 1940 (my grandmother), then her brother Wendall 2 years later, and lastly was Raymond in 1945. Around World War 2, also the time when they had kids, Robert had a job where he welded metal for ships and other things. When the war ended Robert worked as an ESSO driver, bringing around gasoline for the gas stations up until he retired. But sadly in 1969, Emma Mary Stewart passed away leaving Robert a widower. About a year after this terrible incident Robert met Florence and they later on had a quiet wedding.

Robert's Life In Florida After Retirement

In 1972, Robert had retried from his job and was 63 years of age. He moved down to Seminole, Florida with his new wife, Florence. While he lived down there his life settled down and he enjoyed retirement. But he met his grandkids and even some of his great grandkids (including me) before he died on November 20, 2000 from a fatal fall. Throughout his wonderful life Robert Stewart went back multiple times to visit his family in Belfast, Ireland whle they visited him.