Launch with Success {Part 1}

Getting off on the Right Foot-

Team Conference Call on the 1st Monday of Each Month

Please save this number below for all Conference Calls:

Dial: (424) 203-8400 Access code: 444603#


  • *Welcome Email and Kit Contents
  • *How do I enter 1st JB in Party Tab?
  • *Email Blast to Family &
  • *Placing 1st Order in Back Office: What you "really" need
  • *Display Items Needed (especially for your Launch Jewelry Bar)
  • *Social Media 101....adhering to P&P's
  • Change Voice Mail Message to reflect a 'Professional Business-Origami Owl'
  • Look into creating an e-Sig (Moving email Signature) at
  • Q: What do I say at my Launch? Who is the "HOST" in my back office

*What options to I have on Stocking (Make&Take JB) vs. Orders (JB Party Tab):

See Mayda Mifflin's Video at:

Business 101

Suggested items to have prior to Launch JB:

  1. Order Business Cards:
  2. Mobile Payment Device:
  3. Create Separate Banking Account
  4. Modify Voice-mail Message
  5. Look into e-signature at
  6. Social Media: facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest (Post Event/Blast)
  7. Table Cloth:
  8. Charm Displays, Flat Trays and Flat Necks: (see above images)
  9. Back Office Business Supply Order for: Extra TOM's, Order Sheets & Hostess Packs