The Big 3 Religion

Christianity, Judaism, Islam By: Preston Ojeda

How all three are alike

All three religion are monotheistic meaning that they only believe in one god because that is what the holy book has told them. Each religion has there own holy book for Christian it is the Bible. For the Islam religion it is the Koran which looks like the bible a little bit. For the Judaism is the Torah it is like Avery big scroll. Jerusalem is called the holy land buy all three religions because they all have something there like for Judaism that is there they believe where god resided. For Islam that is where the religion first started with Muhammad. For Christian that is where god was on the cross to forgive us of are sin's.

How 2 out of 3 are Alike

Most of these religion have something in common like Christianity and Islam people both where practiced before A.D.and Christianity and Judaism both have the 10 commandments they are different in a way because they have different gods. With Judaism and Islam they donot celebrate Christmas because they have different things they celebrate