Giving Tuesday Now

A Message for our Donors

May 5 is Giving Tuesday Now, an emergency day of giving in response to COVID-19. ⁠It's a great day to share with you, our loyal supporters, one way that we've been giving back to the community during the pandemic.

We have partnered with local organizations and individuals who have 3D printers to produce mask clips for frontline workers. We've received and filled orders for thousands of these clips from healthcare workers, who need to wear protective masks for long hours during their shifts! Watch this video to see us and all of our wonderful partners at work.

Thank you all for continuing to support us during COVID-19! You are helping to keep our community strong.

We are also running a Community Help Connect line to connect volunteers and community members who need help during COVID-19. Call the library at 519-631-6050 to connect with or offer volunteer services, or follow the link below!