Wildcat News 1/7

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

Thank you to Deanna Natera, Katy Sommer and Lesli Brown for creating science support for our students in 5th grade. They are working together with the 5th grade team to build Science Exploration during lunch for our students. Thank you for looking at the needs of our students, the science data to drive the curriculum and your energy to put this together. I know this will help our students be successful!

A big thank you goes to Pam Waggoner, Jennifer Collins, MaryEllen Pate, Karen Fenter, Deanna Natera, Ruben Saavedra, Lindsey Prather, Molly Castle, Stacy Bohn, Jenny Villarreal, Mona Livengood, Lisa Lawrence, Shannon Armstead, Beverly Owen and Christy Hilbun for a super Successful 23rd Annual WSE Spelling Bee-Champion-Jenna Mitchell and Runner-up Kaitlyn Beauchamp. Thank you Team to a job well done. Just another reason why WSE is the place to Be(e)!

Campus Problem Statement

At Whitestone Elementary 26% of our monolingual students and 35% of our Bilingual students are not reading on grade level. We believe that if 100% of our students are reading on or above grade level our students will be prepared for academic growth and success at all levels.

As you gather DRA/EDL & TPRI/Lejas Lee data, keep our campus problem statement in the forefront of all that you do with instructional planning, delivery, remediation and challenge. Together we can make this happen!