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November 20, 2020

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Virtual Instruction - Learning Expectations

Google Meet Expectations

  • Use the consistent nickname format of your teacher’s last name and block to enter each of your classes
    (i.e. SchreiberG1, SchreiberG2, SchreiberG3, SchreiberAdv, SchreiberG4)

  • Only enter classes that you are enrolled in

  • Present yourself on Google Meet as you would in the classroom - attire, activities, and setting should be school appropriate

  • Keep your camera on

    • Feel free to edit your background by blurring your screen or changing your background

    • Please note that if keeping your camera on causes significant delays or your internet to crash, communicate with your teacher so they are aware why your camera is off

  • Keep your microphone muted unless you are talking

  • Only post chat messages that are relevant to the lesson

  • Breakout groups will be treated like small groups in the classroom - your behavior and language should reflect those expectations

  • Be respectful and stay present


  • Synchronous learning days via Google Meet - “A” cohort on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and “B” cohort on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

    • Show up for class via Google Meet on time and ready to participate for the entire period

    • Try to schedule appointments and other obligations outside of class time - if unable to do so, your parent/guardian must call the attendance line (970.686.8100) to excuse you

    • If absent, please use Canvas to collect and turn in missing assignments and connect with your teacher for additional instruction

  • Asynchronous learning day - “A” cohort on Tuesday/Friday and “B” cohort on Monday/Thursday

    • Attendance is determined by engagement and participation in learning (i.e. assignment completion, discussion contribution, etc.)

    • Be sure to check with your teacher to understand their expectations for asynchronous attendance


  • Use your district assigned device whenever possible and keep it charged - some Google Meet features and district apps are not available on personal devices

  • Ensure that your camera and microphone are enabled - if you need assistance, here is a tutorial

  • Making sure you have allowed cookies solves many issues that you might encounter - if you need assistance, here is a tutorial

  • If you are unable to access Canvas AND Campus Portal, you probably need to reset your password - if you need assistance, here are instructions

  • If you have keys on your keyboard that don’t seem to be working correctly, you might need to check your keyboard settings - if you need assistance, here is a tutorial

  • If you are in need of technology assistance, please contact the district technical support line, Mrs. Schreiber, Mrs. Person, or Mr. Allen using the contact information below:

District Technical Support Line

(970) 686-8020 option 1

Joscelynn Schreiber

Learning Coach

(970) 686-8100 x3676

Melody Person

Librarian/Learning Coach

(970) 686-8100 x8108

Roy Allen

Technology Support Specialist

(970) 686-8100 x8135

Winter Sports Registration Information

UPDATE: Sports Registration is Temporarily Delayed (REV 11/20/2020)

1. Registration for Winter Sports Season B is temporarily delayed until we receive information from CHSAA regarding updated Covid-19 variances and protocols, and direction on moving forward with the current schedule in place for Winter Sports - Season B. It is our hope that we will receive this information from CHSAA sometime during the first week of December, so that we can continue to make plans to safely register our winter sports athletes. Any updates will be posted here - on the WHS athletics website at under Announcements.

2. According to the already revised CHSAA winter sports season, the Season B is currently scheduled to begin official practices on Monday, January 4, 2021, and contests on Thursday, January 7, 2021. However, this schedule could be modified based on the updates we receive from CHSAA.

3. Schedule and complete the athlete's physical now if they don't already have one! This way they'll be ready to submit their items when we are able to safely schedule registration.

4. The registration instructions page on the WHS athletics website at - Winter Sports Registration is now available for viewing. The link to complete Step 1 - the online registration form, is now available as well.

5. If you would like to begin the registration process for winter sports by completing only those steps you are able to at this time, you may do so. PLEASE READ & FOLLOW ALL REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! At this time you may only complete the online registration form, steps that involve printing, completing and signing forms, or creating the athlete account if you are a freshman or have never played sports at Windsor High School. Once we received the Covid-19 updates from CHSAA and are able to safely schedule and announce the registration dates, you will be able to submit all required registration items and pay the sports fee (method of payment by check is preferred). Please do not send items via email or electronically. No registration items will be accepted by email/electronically at this time.

6. The winter sports fee is $150 ($225 for non-Weld RE4 School District students). Due to the possibility that Covid-19 cancellations could occur and refunds may need to be made, payment by method of check is preferred. No credit card payments can be accepted.

7. For the most up-to-date information on Winter Sports Schedules and Covid-19 regulations, go to the WHS athletics website at The only information posted is information made available to us by CHSAA and the Colorado governor's office.

8. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Sandee Legino, Athletics Secretary at 970-686-8104, or The Athletics Office will be closed from November 21 to November 29 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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Secondary Students Meal Pick Up

All Secondary students/families will have the opportunity to pick up one week's worth of meals for the student (s) every week while in remote learning.

Pick up dates:

November 30

December 7

December 14

Pick up locations:

Windsor High School- west side near the greenhouse

Monday 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Severance Middle School- Front main entrance

Monday 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm

Drive/bike up to the delivery locations and Nutrition Services staff will bring your meals to you. No need to bring the kids, just provide the student(s) name.

Mask will be required

For those students/families unable to pick up at these times or locations, please contact WHS Kitchen at 970-686-8109 or SMS Kitchen at 970-833-7209 and we will make arrangements for a different pick-up time.

***Reminder - Free meals for the week of Thanksgiving break will be available for pick up on Monday, November 23 at Windsor High School, West Side from 9 am to 11 am. Information for meal pick up during Winter Break will be available soon.

Recogida de comida de los estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias (middle y high school)

Todos los estudiantes de secundaria o sus familias tendrán la oportunidad de recoger las comidas para una semana para los estudiantes cada semana mientras que estén en aprendizaje remoto.

Fechas de recogida:

30 de noviembre

7 de diciembre

14 de diciembre

Lugares de recogida:

Windsor High School - lado oeste cerca de la casa verde

Los lunes 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Severance Middle School- entrada principal

Los lunes 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Conduzca o vaya en bicicleta hasta los lugares de entrega y el personal de Servicios de Nutrición le traerá sus comidas. No es necesario traer a los niños, solo proporcione el nombre del estudiante(s).

Se requerirá máscara or cubierta facial

Para aquellos estudiantes/familias que no puedan recoger en estos horarios o lugares, por favor comuníquese con la cocina de WHS al 970-686-8109 o la cocina de SMS al 970-833-7209 y haremos los arreglos para un horario de recogida diferente.

*** Recordatorio: las comidas gratuitas para la semana de vacaciones de Acción de Gracias estarán disponibles para recoger el lunes 23 de noviembre en Windsor High School, al lado oeste de 9am a 11am. La información para recoger la comida durante las vacaciones de invierno estará disponible pronto.

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 23 - Friday, November 27 - No School, Thanksgiving Break

Monday, December 7 - Virtual PTAC, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Monday, December 21 - January 1 - No School, Christmas Break

Monday, January 4 - No School, Teachers Report

Monday, January 11 - Virtual PTAC, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Monday, January 18 - No School

Monday, January 27 - Virtual 8th Grade Parent Night

Monday, February 1 - Virtual PTAC, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Friday, February 12 - No School, Conference Comp. Day for Teachers

Monday, February 15 - No School

Tuesday, February 16 - No School for Students, PD Day for Teachers

Monday, March 1 - Virtual PTAC, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

March 12 - End of 3rd Quarter

March 29 - April 3 - Spring Break

April 5 - No School PD Day for Teachers

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