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Personalized Learning in FCS World Language Classrooms

What is Personalized Learning? Why should we care?

Personalized Learning in Fulton County will create more winning situation for Teachers and Students. We believe that all students deserve learning experiences that are customized to their individual knowledge, skills, and interests. We also believe that teachers deserve the same thing when seeking professional development. We also believe that when learners are treated as individuals, Teaching and Learning become more effective and rewarding.

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-------Beginning Resources--------

World Language-Already Doing it!

Check out this great article from Ed News Daily and Robyn Shulman


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Personalizing in the World Language Classroom

Great example BLOG from Chris Fisher

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-------Intermediate Resources------

World Language on Pinterest

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Personalized Learning - iPads in World Language

------Advanced Resources------

Watch this TED Talk with Todd Rose

He talks about the Myth of Average. Please reflect on the following questions:

  1. Where do you see the 'Myth of Average' in action within your school/classroom?
  2. How does Personalized Learning address the Myth of Average?
  3. How might technology enable Personalized Learning?
The Myth of Average: Todd Rose at TEDxSonomaCounty
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Future of Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning: 5 Future Technology Predictions from IBM
Making Sense of Universal Design for Learning