Canada in 2035

By: Dillon Kasiram


This flyer will inform you of What Canada will be like in the year of 2035 and what to expect in the future years of Canada

Changing Populations

Canada will be a desired destination because Canada has many of job opportunities, better living conditions and because of our multi cultural society. Canada will be attracting many different immigrants but mainly unemployed immigrants and young people because Canada has many different job opportunity and we also could attract people who are looking for a safer place to live. Canada's population will be mostly elders in 2035. Most people in Canada will be in there 40's or in the range of17/68 years old meaning more jobs will be available due to more and more people retiring and our younger generation won't have enough people to fill them all. Our population will look like around 28% will be 17/68 and 13% will be 1-16. Most of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit will be facing discrimination, not being socially accepted and losing there natural born homeland due to more rural areas being built and oil pipelines taking up there land and if not, the pipeline wil be polluting the environment around it and poisoning the land and food they have lived off of for so many years

Interactions in the Physical Environment

Canada's climate is like it is because of many different reasons, one of the main reasons are that the population are polluting our air constantly and if not doing it on purpose it'll be by just the need to drive everywhere they go and this is contributing to our climate getting warmer and warmer. Also because of our cyclonic participation which is causing all of our rain, snow, and hail fall. along with all that Canada is either way going to keep getting warmer because of the earth climate is constantly getting warmer because of global warming due to all the factories and dumping that is going on all over the world and all of this is polluting the atmosphere. One of Canada's vast regions is the Western cordillera. The Cordillera is located in the south west area of Canada and runs through mots of the western coast of Canada. it runs through British Columbia, The Yukon Territory and some southern parts of Alberta. The climate in the cordillera is normally around 10°C and higher up around seven to nine months a year the climate is always around 0°C or below. In the drier areas the temperature is around 17°C and in the hot and dry summer the temperature can get to 30°C or more. Another region we have the prairies which is located to the west of the Cordillera, to the east and south of the Canadian shield and to the south of the U.S.A. Most of the land is flat but the rest is made up of hills, wide river valleys, abd even some small mountains

Managing Canada’s Resources & Industries

In 2035 the most important resource in the world will either be oil or forestry. I think it could be oil because our economy runs on oil, everyone has found a way to be dependant on oil and if we need this to maintain our lives its not wise to use all of it now. We must save some for years to come such as 2035 because we haven't found a replacement for it and we still will be using it and we need to use it in a way where we can use it today and leave some for tomorrow and other generations. Also forestry will also be a very needed and is this is good because this is a renewable resource. All we have to do is plant 1 or 2 trees each time we cut a tree down and also Canada is filled with open space that we can plant trees in and this is good because it won't be extractable any time soon due to the time it takes for a tree to fully grow. Canada can easily sustain many different resources, One could be forestry, this is easily sustainable by not cutting down as many trees as we use to and also by planting more and more trees where possible. We could also try and lower the demand of wood all around Canada and this will lead to having ample trees in 2035 and even further in to that future than that. Another resource that Canada can easily sustain and is simple to sustain is fish. Fishing is a big thing in Canada and its also a very valuable resource but were clearing our all of our rivers and ponds by fishing and not giving the fish time to reproduce fast enough and this is causing more and more areas to hit the point where there not fish-able because of the lack of fish. This can simply be fixed by letting the fish reproduce and let them move around so that we will have a constant supply for fish. Canada connects to the world by trading to many different countries and trading various different things. some of these things are wheat, wood, and fish. For wealthier countries we can trade some valuable minerals such as gold, silver and bronze.

Liveable Communities

Canadian cities are currently not facing much issues but some issues that could begin to be a problem is over population, cities becoming to crowed and not enough space for people to raise a family and move around. Many cities are being filled with more people and its getting to the point where some people don' bother getting into there cars because there will be traffic so they just walk to work. Also some people don't live close to there work so this means they have to dedicate time from there day just to get to work. Yes there will be an urban sprawl issue because as the cities population grow and we fill the city with houses there will be a high request for more apartment buildings for people to live in and either people leave the city. Ontario could limit the amount of urban sprawl by limiting the amount of people that move to Ontario and build a couple more apartment buildings and that it no more. Canadian cities could do many things to sustain a good life style in all of the community and to keep the environment green. One thing we could do is make more paths where people walk and ride bikes and roller blade or anything that doesn't require a road. We could also put a green house to keep the area clean and we could plant fruits and vegetables to promote healthy eating and living. Also some small things could help such as small or large garden on top of high rise buildings. One big thing is that we could improve is the subway system so people don't have to walk everywhere they could just take the subway and it would drop them closer to there place of work


Over all Canada has its flaws and it also has many places where improvement can happen. I also can see that Canada needs to start improving its cities and in its environment. All this information is saying that Canada is a vastly growing country and can be improved easily and everyone can help by doing small thins
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