Water Pollution Killing the World!

By Aeryan Harbin

what is happening ?

Water Pollution causes lots of water born illnesses. It is the biggest issue in the World. Water pollution comes from untreated sewage, run-offs, the use of pesticides ,and fertilizers. Clean water is important because it can contaminate the public health, humans can only live without water for a few days, and if the water is polluted and we drink it, it can kill us, animals, and species.

U.S.: Toxic Waters: Polluted Harbors - nytimes.com/video

What is the Solution to the pollution problem ?

Possible solutions for these water pollution problems are:

  • Being careful of what you throw down your sink or toilet.
  • Don't throw oils or chemicals down the drain.
  • Don't over use pesticides and fertilizers, this will prevent runoffs of the material into nearby water sources.
  • Don't litter into rivers, lakes, or oceans.
  • Reuse plastic water bottles, and use metal silverware.
  • Raise a fund or donate to donations for water pollution for these countries.