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Please download the Flipgrid app if you are on a mobile device.

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Flipgrid is a video response tool that is used to create discussions among all students within your classroom. Teachers post a topic or question via text or video and the students respond to the prompt. Flipgrid also gives students the ability to comment on their classmates' responses.

Key Features:

  • All of your videos are located in one location.
  • You can Freeze a Topic to continue sharing the videos but prevent new recordings.
  • Student comments can be turned on or off.

Flipgrid Examples:

Flipgrid Certified Grid (password is Flipgrid)

Simple Machines

Non-Fiction Text Features

Flipgrid for Assessments



Flipgrid Tutorials/Blog/Tweets Posts:

                Create a QR Code

                Create a QR Code that links to your Grid or Topic! Click the Share option and choose QR Code.

                Flipgrid + QR Codes

                Disco Library

                Share and find Topic templates that have been submitted by educators from around the world. All subject areas and grade levels are included.


                A MixTape is a place to showcase student videos. Create a MixTape and add videos from any Topic to build your custom playlist. Read more about MixTapes here.


                Connect with other Flipgrid educators and classrooms around the world with #GridPals! Read more about #GridPals in this guide by Bonnie McClelland.


                Use the power of Flipgrid's camera with Shorts. You can easily share quick videos with anyone, anywhere in the world! Click here to learn more about Shorts.

                Flipgrid Best Practices

                See our Do's and Don'ts for best practices and make sure to collect Consent forms from all students before onboarding them to the platform.

                Flipgrid Fliphunts

                A Flipgrid Fliphunt is an engaging way to get your students moving and having fun while exploring the curriculum. It is basically a video-based scavenger hunt using Flipgrid. Follow the creator of Fliphunts, Kathi Kersznowski - @kerszi.

                • You can find Fliphunts by subject area at this community crowdsourced grid.
                • Also, search the Disco Library (at the top of your Flipgrid page) for Fliphunts!

                Examples and Ideas:

                Blog Posts:

                Let's Go on a Fliphunt!

                1. Open flipgrid.com. If you are on a mobile device, you will need the app.
                2. Enter j2training in the Enter a Code box.
                3. Choose a task, click the green + icon and record your answer.

                Flipgrid AR (Augmented Reality)

                Download the QR code of a Flipgrid video and scan with it the Flipgrid app to watch it in FlipgridAR. Make certain the QR code says has FlipgridAR above it:

                Teacher Directions:

                1. Log into your Educator account.
                2. Select a Grid by clicking on it.
                3. Scroll down to see a list of your Topics. Select a Topic by clicking its title.
                4. Scroll down to see a list of videos. Click the Share button for a video and download/print the QR code.
                5. You can now place a printed copy of the QR code on a student's work, picture, etc. and others can scan the code to view their individual video.

                Directions to View the Video:

                1. Open the Flipgrid app on your mobile device and select the QR code option to scan the FlipgridAR code.
                2. The video will pop off the QR code and play right in front of you! Pinch to zoom in/out or select full screen, share or download.

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