By: Emily Collier

Hi, I'm a Newsie and I'm going to tell you all about my life. I'm going to tell you how I dress, what I do, and about my family. I go through many situations during my life and sometimes I don't like them. Since I'm a girl its hard to find friends when I'm selling newspapers since girls usually don't sell papers.

About everyday when I wake up I pick out some clothes that would keep me warm or either clothes that aren't to heavy, but if it's cold I usually wear a dress, some stockings, my coat, and my shoes. When I'm ready in the morning, I go to the newstand and get 20 newspapers with the money I earned the day before. Then I go out to the streets and sell the newspapers. I like it when people give tips so my family has a little bit more money. I'm very different than other girls as I mentioned before girls don't usually sell newspapers. That's one of the situations I don't like because I can't find as many friends when I'm selling the newspapers. I usually find a couple girls on the streets to talk to but somedays I'm the only girl. When I go out on the streets I see many Newsies and I see people walking to work, or walking to the store. I don't usually see my family during the day but when I come home my mother has dinner ready for me. when I'm done eating I give my parents half of the money I earned. When I finished the long, sometimes hard day I go to bed thinking what tomorrow would be like.

So I told you all about my life of how I work, what situations I go through each day, what I wear, what I do when I'm selling the newspapers, and about my family. I hope you learned something about us Newsies. We do go through tough situatons but we do get through them.

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