Paranoid Park

- Written by: Blake Nelson -


Max Fonias

Stressed| |Depressed

Max is emotional, mad, and scared. Max’s external conflicts are his parents are divorcing. Max’s internal conflicts are he has to live with the guilt of killing someone. Max’s last internal conflict is that he doesn’t know who to tell about his problems.


✔ “We watched him try to reach around and unhook himself, all the while skipping sideways, like a crab, trying to keep his feet under him. Then he got turned around. He got twisted into an awkward position under the train. You could see him start to panic and try to tear himself loose. But he couldn’t. The train had him, and it was too powerful. He got folded up. It was like a rag doll getting folded up and stuffed inside a narrow container. The security guard got rolled up and kind of… crushed… and ground into a ball” (Nelson 22).

✔ “He was here investigating a murder that occurred downtown” (Nelson 108).

✔ "But it looked like his coat got caught on something under one of the moving cars. It sort of lifted him up and dragged him sideways" (Nelson 22).

✔ "The first couple days were pure hell. The next couple totally sucked. Things got a little better after a week. And at ten days, well, the worst of it seemed to be over, the crisis had passed. I might walk around like a haunted zombie for the rest of my life, but at least I would have a life" (Nelson 86).


A boy named Max Fonias goes to Paranoid Park because he had never been there before and all of his friends had been. He goes there to skate, but ends up sitting down and later on streeters come and start asking for his skateboard and he denies them. The streeters asked him if he wanted to jump trains and Scratch would be with him. He agrees to do it because he had never train hopped before. goes with Scratch and a few minutes down the road and a security guard spots them and they get scared and then he hits him with a skateboard and he dies. He saw a newspaper article about the train yard death is now possible for a homicide and the case is reopened. Later on in the story Detective Brady comes to school and ask Max and his friends about what Paranoid Park is and what kind of people are there. A couple page in he breaks up with his girlfriend. Macy tells him him to write all the problems he was dealing with on a paper.


Max Fonias can be compared to a lot of teens who are going to tough times dealing with their social life and family situations. For example, ...
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Symbolic Picture

This picture shows how the Train yard is gloomy and dark. The train yard is a symbolic to the main character because its where he did something that he can never forget.

Who is Max?

Max is a character who is torn of guilt because of what he his done and is trying to forget about it throughout his story. We also find that Max is very nice to the people who he knows closely.