Environmental Study Project

Ariadna Lopez


Annual rainfall in Orlando,Florida is 53.17 inches .It really help the plants and animals .The rain is good for the plants because it make flourish them .We can have a beautiful landscape .That make Orlando,Florida standout. This is why tourists love to come and explore new thing that they have never seen .It can help too when you have a house ,and a garden. Don’t need to waste water and use the sprinkle ,and your plants can steel be beautiful.

Ariadna Lopez map

I picked Disney parks ,Universal,Walmart ,my house ,and my school because those are the places that i feel happy ,I share things with my friends ,and family .I have good times in there and i all ways want to go.

Natural Disasters

Natural disaster in the past 10 years .Hurricanes , Wilma in (2005),Katrina in (2005) Those were in the same year .Tornadoes in Florida ,Hurricane Dennis,Hurricane Ivan 2004 Hurricane Frances 2004 Hurricane Charley and Tropical Storm Bonnie.Others are Hurricane Irene

1999 Hurricane Floyd.This natural disaster caused widespread roof and tree damage .

.In case that in the future we are having one of these again , you need to have a box with medicine ,drinkable water,cover the doors and windows.Be calm and control your family.This is part of Florida history and even with this disaster Florida is still beautiful.


Orlando’s history dates back to 1838 and the height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin south of the present day Orlando City limits to protect settlers from attacks by Indians.

By 1840, a small community had grown up around the Fort. It was known as Jernigan, named after the Jernigan family, who had established the first permanent settlement in the area.

Who discovered Florida?

Juan Ponce de Leon (1460?-1521) was a Spanish explorer and soldier who was the first European to set foot in Florida. He also established the oldest European settlement in Puerto Rico and discovered the Gulf Stream (a current in the Atlantic Ocean). Ponce de Leon was searching for the legendary fountain of youth and other riches.


All the people want to come to florida because we have Disney parks, Seaworld, and the Water Parks .When they come , is not just to disney parks ,they also come watch are beautiful palms and are natural forests.In my community most of the people is spanic ,the houses are cheaper and we leave in a save community.I feel happy because i feel like im in my country.Its good that we can help each other with are English just like in school .If we interact with each other we can learn more English.We need to colaborate to help other people and the World ,let recycle, , let have fun ,and let us save the world happy and together !


Here in Orlando, Florida the animal that represent florida ,and the one that you can see everywhere is the alligator .This animal benefit the humans by ,keeping clean the rivers.The alligator also cannot benefit the humans because it can eat the all animals animals,. IT can eat the humans .One thing that can happen in the future is that if there is to many animals that eat meat (humans and other animals ), the humans can can be in danger .The alligators can benefit the world and put the world in danger too.They grab attention from the people and ,that help Florida to be Famous .

Go gators go!!!


Im from Cuba and my culture is really different from United State culture . The traditional dances are , la Rumba,el Wawanco,el Cha Cha Chá ,La Guaracha and others .The traditional food is la comida criolla , congris ,lechón asado,yuca, and tamales .Im very proud that i'm spanic !The United State have traditions too, one of my favorite traditions is halloween all the kids love it because you go for candy in your neighbors house . Another tradition is celebrate thanksgiving ,it is one of my favorite holiday because you celebrate it with your family . The United State interact with Cuba by giving the cuban people opportunity to come and visit this beautiful country . It is good that the hispanic people interact with the americans so we can both share our culture .

Overall Reflection

he Weather,Natural Disasters ,Wildlife,Culture,And Residents,make Florida perfect.It have been thru tornados ,sinkhole ,and others but that didn’t let Florida be ugly .Here most of the people are hispanic,and that is good , so the americans can learn from are culture ,and we can learn from them.In the schools we work all together no matter if you are black , white or hispanic .In Florida the animals that we have seem all the time is the alligator and is really fun that that is the mascot represent Florida and we are proud of it .We have the perfect weather , is not too cold and not too hot.This perfect weather help Florida be beautiful because we can have all kind of natural fruits,meat,and ,vegetals .Im proud that i live in Florida and all the people should be .