Home stretch!

Summer Open Office Hours for Technology

We will once again staff open office hours for technology throughout the summer. Click here for more info. This link is also in the HS Faculty Canvas course if you need to access it over the summer.

1:1 Laptop Collection

Student laptops must be returned at the Help Nest during school hours from Tues 6/7 - Fri 6/10 on the days of underclassmen final exams. Preparation for laptop return is being handled in the Social Studies classes.

Please remind students of the following:

  • Students need to turn in their laptop, bag, and charger
  • Student laptops MAY stay decorated with stickers etc.
  • After students turn in their laptops, they will not be able to get them back until August
  • Any item not turned in by the end of the school day on Fri 6/10 will result in a fine for the cost of the item

We will not be accepting laptops prior to Tuesday 6/7. The administration has made this decision so that students have access to their laptops through final exams. Contact Stacy Kreitzer to make arrangements if you have a student with an extenuating circumstance.

If you have students who may struggle with this process, please take the time to help them figure out when they will finish with their laptop and should turn it in.

Per the administration, students should not be dismissed early from final exam testing rooms to return laptops. Students who are present but not testing may leave the cafeteria to return laptops.

1:1 Survey

There was some feedback in the faculty 1:1 survey that students are having wifi connectivity problems when moving throughout the school, and some students are having trouble with network access in your classroom. If you provided this feedback, please contact the district help desk to report it. The IT department is not aware of problems with connectivity on the 1:1 student laptops, but would like to be responsive if it is happening.

Click here if you are a 9th/10th grade teacher who still needs to take the faculty 1:1 survey.

Click here if you are an 11th/12th grade teacher who would like to look at the faculty 1:1 survey. Please note that no responses to this survey link will be read, but we appreciate any feedback you have in person or via email.

Canvas Course Backups

It is recommended to backup your Canvas courses to your P drive before leaving for the summer. Your Canvas courses from this year will show up under "Past Enrollments" when you return in August, but it's always good to have a backup!

In each course, go to Settings > Export Course Content > Create Export. Once the export is complete, click to download it and save it in a folder on your P drive.

Click here to watch a video that shows you how to do this.

*Students will not have access to their 15-16 Canvas courses after June 10th

New Canvas User Interface

On Monday, June 13th, we will upgrade to the new Canvas user interface. The new interface looks very much like the Canvas app. This upgrade does not affect any course content or functionality. It only changes the global course navigation.

Click here for a video about the changes. This video was created by one of our colleagues at Middletown Area SD. It will look the same for us, but have Lower Dauphin branding.

Click here if you prefer to read about the changes.

Quick Response Carts - Next Year

The quick response carts in the Help Nest are a great resource for teachers when classroom technology fails. Two changes for next year...

  1. Quick response carts will not be available for substitute teachers. Substitute teachers have access to laptops through the main office. If those laptops aren't working or don't work for your particular situation, please contact the district helpdesk with your concern.
  2. Quick response carts will not be available for student presentations. Students can share their presentations via Canvas or Google so that not every student has to plug in their laptop to the projector in order to present.

If you need suggestions for a work around for either of these situations, Vickie and Stacy are happy to help!

From the IT Department

Please contact the district helpdesk now if you anticipate any classroom technology needs for next year. As you might imagine, they get swamped with requests in August and September and would appreciate a head start on anything that can be addressed now.


Check out the short video below. Google Slides has a new feature called Slides Q&A which is designed to make lectures more interactive. It might be something to consider using next year!
Introducing Slides Q&A: A new way to talk with your audience—not at them

Stacy Kreitzer

Instructional Technology Coach

Lower Dauphin School District