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Welcome to issue of the National Newsletter. We kindly ask you to go through the content and engage with what we prepared for you. Enjoy!

Functional Updates

Outgoing Global Citizen

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Incoming Global Citizen

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Outgoing Global Talent

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Overall: 17 EPs matched in EXPA, 14 realized, 11 completed

IXP Updates

Some of our members have already matched and ready to go to an internshp this summer.

What is IXP? - An Integrated Experience (IXP) is a program where an individual takes part in both the membership program and the exchange program of AIESEC.)

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Expansion Updates

First iGC project in Osh

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MC Updates

Welcome your elected Member Committee for the term 16/17!
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We already started general MC to MC transition.

Global AIESEC Updates

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Ask Your AI Team

You can post more questions by posting on the AI Team wall, sending them a message, or tagging them on your status.
Keep Asking!

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2020 Roadmap Project


As we mentioned in the past newsletter, from the 2020 Roadmap Project, the Global Planning Summit it's over where we analyze the organizational timelines in the long-term and now, this week it's all about to deliver the final sprint of the RoadMap and the Measurement of Success for the organization!

As you can imagine, these are quite important conversations that will shape the organization in the years to come that's why we are working together as #Gen1516 and #Gen1617 to ensure that the transition of its implementation is done in the best possible way.

For this, we have the Global Steering Meeting happening in the Global Office where 13 MCPs are representing the network perspective to give intputs on these topics (and many more that are relevant for next term context) in a 7-day full space that is being facilitated by Dasha and Kasia from AI1516 and AI1617!

Want to know them?
Here they are:

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From AI we couldn't be more excited to host this space and stay tuned for the output of the conversations that will take place until next Friday!

2020 Roadmap Team!

YouthSpeak Preliminary Findings launch!

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On May 3d at the 49th Asian Development Bank Meeting, we have launched the YouthSpeak Preliminary Findings. It's not a full Comprehensive Report (that by the way will be launched on May 31st), but a full dataset visualized for your convenience. Feel free to start using it to improve your operations and representation. Stay tuned for the further updates regarding the Global Report Launch.

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