Haley's Coaching Corner

---------------Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!

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  • PD on Monday is going to be FUN! Thanks to all who have helped plan this great day of learning!
  • We are so lucky to have Megan as our librarian! She is diving into district resources to plan for Spring research with teams!
  • The online 2nd grade Math PD Thursday afternoon has us excited about heading into multiplication!
  • I love learning with you during your collaborative planning! Please let me know when you are planning so I can continue learning with you!
  • Happy Valentine's Day weekend to you!

New Professional Resource!

Each team will be receiving one copy of The Poetry Friday Anthology today! This will serve as a great resource to integrate science and reading! I will put it in the team leader's box this afternoon. If a mentor lesson ever refers to a poem that is not in the blue cover edition that you receive, check the brown cover edition that will be housed in my room.
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District PD

Please register for the district Math and ELAR PDs. You can find the PDs listed in Eduphoria Workshop by date. One person who sends me an email that says February will be randomly selected to receive a drink from our neighborhood Sonic. Be sure to register for your PD at least a couple days before, as sometimes it will not let you register within a 24 hour period of the event.

Math PDs: (IC Room - Time TBD unless listed)

February 19 - 3rd grade
February 25 - 1st grade (3-4pm)
March 22 - Kinder

*These are done on campus in an interactive format so all team members who teach math can attend. Special Pops are also welcome to attend.

ELAR: (Admin from 7:20-8:20)

February 19th – Fourth Grade

February 26th – Third Grade

March 18th – Second Grade

March 25th – First Grade

April 1st - Kinder

*Only 1 team member needs to attend the ELAR PD. You will need to take a way your team is using data from the Pre-Assessments. Please make arrangements with your team for them to cover your class until your return.


Have you seen the app Seesaw? It looks so cool!


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