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Yearbook Cover Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year's contest! These students will have their art presented on the front and back covers of the yearbook!

4th Grade Sketchbooks

In 4th and 5th grade, students do a lot of planning and activities in their sketchbooks. They are responsible for bringing them to class every day. Neglecting to bring their sketchbook will result in their conduct grade being lowered after the third time within a 9 week grading period. 4th graders will keep the same sketchbook to reuse in 5th grade. Every year we have several students either forget or lose their sketchbooks. Please ask your student to remember to bring their sketchbook to class, or help them find theirs if it has gone missing. Due to the number purchased and the amount of incoming new students, I cannot give them a new sketchbook. In the event that they cannot locate their sketchbook, I will make one for them that will be left in the art room.

If you have a student in 4th grade, our sketchbooks have arrived! Sketchbooks are $5. This is a one-time payment as the sketchbooks will be collected at the end of the year to be saved to reuse in 5th grade.

To Pay Online:

Please visit and log in with your HAC username and password. *Scroll down to "Pay Now" button & click*


Though we take as many precautions as possible, accidents do happen. There may be the occasional paint spill or water splash, so I would please ask that your artist not wear their best clothes on art day. When we do particularly messy projects, artists will wear aprons to help protect their clothing.

What We've Been Working On


Kindergarten has moved and grooved with learning the different directions & types of lines. While learning about this element of art, they also learned several art skills such as painting, cutting, and coloring/drawing with materials like oil pastels!

We are now shifting our focus to shapes and color! I can't wait for you to see the masterpieces we create!

First Grade

First-grade students studied the Mexican celebration Dia de Muertos and looking at how some of the traditions are similar to the traditions we have for different holidays. Through this lesson, we are exploring the concepts of linear symmetry, pattern, and paper weaving!

Artists also got to explore color mixing to make rainbows for Fairy Tale Day! Next up, we are learning about artist Pablo Picasso and will be creating abstract self-portraits.

Second Grade

Second graders learned all about the artist Wassily Kandinsky! We listened to music as we created artwork featuring the art elements of line and shape. Students loved the messy art created by using chalk pastel! Once finished, artists wrote artist statements to tell a little more about their art!

Third Grade

Third graders also got to explore the messy goodness of chalk pastels. Third-grade artists studied the art elements of form, space, and color with their Pumpkin Landscapes. After studying and observing pumpkins, students learned that pumpkins are organic forms. They learned simple ways to draw a pumpkin, practiced using their language of the discipline, and got to experiment with mixing chalk pastel! Before winter break we started making snow globes and are finishing them up in the next week before we move on.

Fourth Grade

After finishing up their radial stitching designs, fourth-grade artists started on one more radial symmetry project. Each color group voted on a project to complete. Their choices were origami, paper quilling, or printmaking. Our results were stunning! Artists worked so hard to create "wow" pieces that will knock the viewer's socks off!

Next up we will be working on drawing forms to create delicious desserts inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud.

*if you have not purchased your sketchbook, please see the information at the top of this newsletter!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade artists worked so hard on their Portraits of Courage, and they look AMAZING! Portraits are so difficult to draw and these kids did not give up!

We took some time to relax and create zentangles after such a difficult project. However, our zentangles will be turned into abstract paper sculptures! I can't wait to see what they create!

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