First Grade Library Newsletter

October 9, 2015

Hello CCE Library Friends and Families! October is here and isn't it lovely? This time of year finds me on my front porch, coffee or tea in hand and a good book shared with one of my kids or occasionally, greedily stealing a couple minutes to read alone. I hope you are all enjoying the more fall like weather (when we have it) and all of the things that fall means to you.

It has been a very busy couple weeks! I apologize for not getting a newsletter out the last two weeks but I am trying to figure out the best way to reach more people. In the end I have decided to continue posting it to the library website and sharing the link to this week's newsletter. I love the ability I have to share videos and pictures online so I'm going to give it another try.

This year has been a big change for us in the library since I have so much built in time for technology instruction and practice. It is amazing to me how much we've already been able to do!

Whoo doggy do these first graders have a lot of energy! They are a great bunch of kids who are excited about reading and enjoy visiting the library as much as I enjoy seeing them each week.

This week in technology the kids went into the computer lab and were able to choose a game of their choice on The last two weeks they were busy with iPad activities so I thought a day of choice was in order. The games on this website are sorted by grade level and then further by skill that is being addressed. So whether they know it or not they are practicing keyboard usage, mouse usage, and math, reading, spelling, strategy among other skills.

Thursday we read Sick Simon by Dan Krall. This new and disgustingly illustrated book is a great conversation starter for little ones involving hand washing and ways to stay healthy at school. Simon is very ill and goes to school anyway but then forgets to wash his hands, wipe his nose or cover his coughs and sneezes. Because of this the germs award him as germ hero and the kids and I had a great discussion about how to properly wash hands, why it's important to cover coughs and sneezes and we even looked online to see what bacteria really looks like (no googly cartoon eyes on the real thing). The story is also a funny one about how Simon got his whole class sick except for one boy who on the last page shows up to school sick too.

Please remember to send books back with your first grader on Monday so they can check out for the new week. If it is easier to remember you can send it back on Friday of the previous week.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Mrs. Brenner

Clear Creek Elementary Library

Hi! I'm Mrs. Brenner, and I am your child's Teacher Librarian. Please stop in and say hello or check out books to take home for your family any time! Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have a question about anything as well.