Christopher Columbus

Harper Anich


Christopher Columbus was born in Italy and eventually lived in Spain. When he was young he spent his time learning cartography and sailing. He worked as a sailor on commercial ships and as a cartographer. Half of his journey was paid for by the king and queen of Spain, and the other half was funded by private citizens.


The motivation for Christopher's first voyage was mainly gold. He wanted to find a new route to Asia that didn't go around Africa, and in this way he would become rich from the trading and any jewels, gold, or other treasures he thought he would find.

Christopher Columbus's Routes

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Christopher Columbus made lasting contacts with the Americas (even though he thought he was in China). He opened up opportunity for colonization and his journey was the start of many more trips to the Americas.


This type of ship was used by Christopher Columbus because of it's stability in the open ocean and it's ability to carry lots of people and supplies.


Christopher Columbus also used a ship like this, known for it's speed and easy maneuverability.