The Jim Crow Times

Megan And Baylee's Newsletter

Response to Eleanor Roosevelt's Letter

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

I read your letter that you sent to The White House about lynching. I agree and disagree with the statements that you said in that letter. You said that you disagree with the lynching, and that is what I agree with, but what I don’t agree with is the way that you confronted him about it.

Like I said, I do agree with most of what was said in your letter. I like how you disagree with lynching. It’s wrong and im glad that you think it is too. We need as many people as we can get to stand up for it and maybe that will help or atleast make a difference somebody's life. Remember, it only takes one person to start a chain reaction and the reaction needs to start now!

Now, doing something about this is great, but that way and the actions that you have shown is not as good as it can be. It shows that you don't really care and if nothing gets changed then it wouldn’t affect you. That may not be how you feel, but that is the way that i took it. So, if you want to be the change in all of this then write back and we will be the change that this society needs!

Sincerely Baylee Adkins

Jim Crow Laws

Dear Editor,

What are the Jim Crow laws you ask? The Jim Crow laws were racial segregation laws that were in the time period of 1876 to 1965 in the United States. They started racial laws in public places in the Southern states. In the 1890’s, a “separate but equal” status for the African Americans. The laws were to systemized a number of economic, educational, and social disadvantages that separated the blacks from the whites.

Some examples of what the laws did for the African Americans were that they had separate schools, places, and transportations. Restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains were separates, an nicer and cleaner area for the whites and the black’s area was dirty and ran down. Segregation also took place in the U.S. Military, and this is the time when lynching started.

Lynching is murder by a mob for punishment. That often consisted with hanging, shooting, and burned. Blacks would have to go out of their way to get to a place that they need to go because they were not allowed in the white’s part of town. They were not to be seen with or have any kind of relationship with a white person. Now you can see that there are a lot of disadvantages, and that the laws should of never happened. If you were in an African American’s shoes, would you want to be treated like that?

Sincerely, Baylee Adkins

Tom Robinson's Trial

In case you haven’t noticed, the trial was a big deal for the town of Maycomb. It’s not every day someone is being accused of raping a young white girl. The trial room was packed because everyone from the town was there. Some people had to stand up because there wasn’t enough seats for everyone. During the trial it was completely quiet, and very tense for everyone that came, especially Tom and Atticus. Atticus was the best lawyer in town and going into this trial he knew it would be hard, but that didn’t stop him. Atticus even made it very clear that Tom couldn't have been the one who raped Mayella. He even states that Tom doesn’t have control over his left arm because of an injury in the past. Mayella’s bruising was only on her left side. Since he had no control over his left hand, if he had beaten her the bruises would be on her right side. If Tom was white he would of been innocent, but since he is black they are still against him and Atticus.

Bob Ewell wasn't exactly the easiest person to talk to during the trial. He was being rude and very snotting towards Atticus and even threatened his family after the trial. So, asking him questions was very difficult, and he was being very defensive during the whole process. When Mayella was on the stand she wouldn't answer any questions she was being asked, and when she would answer she would keep changing her story so you could tell that she was lying.

If you were a white man in that time period, you could get away with anything. If you were a black man, you would get accused of everything and and anything. I know and I hope you can tell that there was a big disadvantage being a black man, and i hope that you can tell or believe Atticus when he said that Tom was guilty! He tried his best and so did Tom, and that is all that matters.