Healthy Ageing (65 and Under)

By: Chezney Clemons, Keah Limehouse

Short Story

My grandma is 75 years old, she has chronic arthritis in both hand and knees, my grandma use to be very active she was on the go all the time you couldn't stop her, last two winters ago she had gotten surgery on her right knee, and since it was to could to do anything she stayed in bed a lot... now instead of her being active she is more depends on other people like her grandchildren and children... she wont all 65 and older to stay active through thick and thin

10 way on ageing well:)

1)Eat right

2)Stay mentally and physically active

3)Maintain a health weight

4)Strive away from depression

5) Stay up to date

6) Stay active

7)Take your medicine

8)Drive safe

9) Stop smoking (if you do)

10) Fan the flame