Who is Jesus?

Islamic, Christianity, and Hinduism views in Religion

How are Islam and Christianity views the same?

They both believe that:

  • There is only one God.
  • God sent Prophets.
  • People should follw the ten commandments.
  • Mary, Jesus` mother, was a virgin.
  • The day of judgement will occur and people will be judged.
  • Jesus formed micracles.

Scholar for Hinduism

Marcus Borg: Spiritually

Borg focuses on spirituality of religions. The Hinduism views are very spiritual with their idols. Borg says that Jesus` spirituality had an external dimension, affecting how others viewed him and how he interacted with him. He then goes on to say that like most spirit persons, Jesus is said to have evoked awe and how he interacted with them. With this being said, Hindus believe that Jesus was considered a Yogi, which is said to be pure, chaste, spotless, self-sacrificing, and the absolute master of him. Borg is comparing Jesus to all spirit persons, which a yogi is considered Hindus "spirit person." Comparing Jesus to a Yogi would be that he believes Jesus is considered a Yogi, correct? Borg gives the example that Mark 10:32 says, "They were on the road, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was walking ahead of them; and they were amazed, and those who followed were [filled with awe]." Transfiguration (Mark 9: 2-4) tells how Jesus was viewed as an extraordinary Spirit-filled person. Hindus also went to Jesus for healing. Borg talks about how Jesus was a healer. This relates to the Hinduism belief because although Jesus was considered a Yogi, he also healed people.

Scholar for Muslims

John Dominic Crossan: Jesus was considered a prophet; resurrection

Crossan views Jesus as a prophet. He says, " The passion narrative are "not history remembered but prophecy historicized." This means they reveal more about the concerns of the early church than about the fate of the historical Jesus. This relates to Islamic views because they believed that Jesus was considered a prophet. They view the early church just like Crossan does. Crossan then goes on to tell that he thinks resurrection is represented with by the Gospel of Thomas which does not speak of the resurrection at all, he speaks of "unbroken and abiding presence." This correlates with the Muslims views because they think that Jesus was not put on the cross to die, he was sent up and God made a figure just like Jesus to take his place on the cross. They also believe that Jesus did not rise again. Crossan not only backs up his thoughts throughout the Gospel of Thomas, but also by the resurrection narratives revealing almost nothing that actually happened to Jesus in Jerusalem.

Scholar for Christianity

N.T Wright: Son of God

Wright presents the implication of Jesus announcements. The first one is an invitation to repentance and faith. As Christians they believe in being able to repent and ask God for forgiveness. His second announcement is the welcoming of sinners. This is another thing that Christians practice and preach to one another. Jesus is always ready to welcome people to the life of Jesus Christ. The third one is challenge to live as a community that behaves in a distinctive way. This relates to Christians especially in this time period because where they live has a huge effect on the way you view Jesus. The fourth announcement is summoning to join him in proclaiming the kingdom. This relates to Christian views because once you accept Jesus into your live you are a role model of how Christians act. You live by Gods words and do everything you can to portray the Christian way.

My view on Jesus

After explaining these three different religions, I feel that it is important to focus on what I believe in. Not everyone needs to agree on exactly who Jesus is, but to me Jesus is my Lord and Savior, born from a Virgin Mary. Now that I tell you this, exactly why do I believe this way? Is it because I researched it my self, I was raised this way, or maybe even because it is the type of religion that is common in my region of living? I believe that all of these have a huge factor in the way I believe. I was raised in the same church throughout my life and was taught by the same preacher. This has made me biased in only knowing God through one person’s views. With this being said, viewing these scholars have allowed me to view Jesus in different ways and learn how not only I want to view him, but how other religions view him too. N.T Wright was the scholar who shared a numerous of similar views that I believe. He also taught me some things from a view I never was taught. While he inspired me with his studies of Jesus, John Dominic Crossan`s views were very disturbing to me. I have never heard of someone to think that Jesus was kidnapped and did not actually die on the cross. I respect his arguments, but I do not believe this is the way Jesus died. Overall, gaining more knowledge of the different religions and scholars that critiqued Jesus has made me realize that Jesus will never be portrayed as the same person across the world. People need to make their own opinion based on their beliefs and research of the past and present views of Jesus.

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